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I've done some XRPL NFT development. What kind of development are you looking for?

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I can tell u from my very small experience working for one of the TOP high end car makers worldwide. Yeah nobody gives a shit about ur resume and they try to box u in bcs of their insecurities thinking u gonna steal their job. And then there is the corporate ass kissing culture. That’s why u should just work at ur own startup . Bcs after dealing with all the above ur salary is gonna be peanuts compared to how much profit u generated for the company

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that the best FUD you have? see you at $40 tranny

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>called HOGE a scam at 300
>laughed during the pump and dump at 1200
>check dextools today
>it pumped to 20,000 and is now sitting at 10,000
>could have done a 33x, if not a 67x
how do i convince myself to actually PUT MONEY INTO THESE SCAMS so i can get a good return? FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

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people shouldn't be living in these giant cities plugged into their phones all day

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Coinbase is getting hacked sometime before the year is over
they will steal every single fucking coin.....
even XRP before it hits 2K

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Let's talk work hours. I know this is a sensitive issue for many, especially burgers with their retarded work ethics and mentality, but I am sick and tired of 8 hours 5 day per week. It's too much honestly. Even Keynes predicted a 15 hour work week by 2030, yet we haven't had any noticeable progress since the 70s and even that was minor.
I believe with the current productivity levels we have (at least in the developed world) we should mandate a 6 hour 5 days per week work week, or an 8 hour 4 days per week work week.
At the very least there should be a 35 hour work week as it is in France by law, although even there it is rarely respected and capitalist pigs do not follow the law, rather utilize loopholes to exploit our fellow wagie brothers.


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we'll see

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start a business as an s-corp,write off your expenses,pay yourself part of your yearly wages in dividends instead of wages, bad/bad part is youll be paying less in SS.
buy real estate and have a huge yearly write off
some ideas off the top

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Go on

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you know, I've seen this posted a lot but it's just the logo or some girls or someshit. Never an actual explanation.
What does this do, op?

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Its all so tiring
I'd take a bullet now

hodling GME and XRP


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You have $5k and you're looking for a coin to hold 3-5 years. Do you dump it in GRT or BNT?

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so uhhh... anyone else getting a rager from whatever this pic is?

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Does anyone have some quality picks for tomorrow or are we all just shit posting nonsense for fun?

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I remember similar threads in 2017.

There's always a new moon rocket somewhere. Keep looking.

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Pics are from 3 weeks ago
She ain't here

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>10x my investment in 1 year
>still not satisfied

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>Get STEM degree
>Fall for grad school meme
>Paid barely above minimum wage after tuition is deducted
>Only have $20k invested
>At least I don't have debt
How am I doing bros? I'm entering my late 20s and it's painful seeing my friends who only got a Bachelor's buying houses and shit while I'm still poor af.

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Welcome to hell OP , start applying for jobs as a tranny. I’m srs. We are living in clown world

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True story: my car got smash and grabbed and one of the things grabbed was my bottle of desoxyn. A cop came to take a report and when i told him my meth was stolen he freaked out. I said don't worry brah it's legal meth and he literally screamed THERE ISN'T ANY LEGAL METH. He was really surprised to learn that there is in fact such a thing as legal meth.

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Welcome, fren. Your future will mainly consist watching the candlesticks of your shitcoins till 3am, and scouring the internet for the next big shitcoin pump. Enjoy!

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Patience is a virtue, fren. You can certainly make quick money by gambling on shitcoins, but it will take a toll on you.

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So this gme shitstorm conveniently happened right in the smack middle of the Davos convention. Makes ya think don't it? I wonder what exactly we are being diverted from...

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