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Its got good liquidity and staking mechanisms and updates for passive income generation are coming soon. Should be at least a 20x within the coming weeks when the updates are released.

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good point. go to surffinance.webflow.io to read about it, and surf.finance/whirlpool to stake with ETH, can’t fuck it up that way

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My dude, sock some of that away in the SURF Whirlpool and just leave it. Let it build up dividends and appreciate over time. Zero stress.

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I do it all for you, bby

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Chart has been quiet but I’m sure this will pump hard this month.

Am I an idiot for not staking in the whirlpool and just wanting to dump my tokens at $10??

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What’re you invested in madame
I’ll shill SURF at you because it’s gonna go up

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Just a moment, friend. We're still waiting for some of our most esteemed guests to return from the beach. The waves have been excellent today, if I may say so myself.

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Look /biz/, I’ll be nice just this once. I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen.

This coin doubled in value after 1 day of marketing. This is before any ad buys, before the YouTube shills, before the horde of jeets and discord trannies have sunk in their teeth. The token itself has been engineered to pump - a dozen different sources of lock, burn, and buy pressure are going to be rolled out all at once. And then there’s the supply squeeze. Only 20% of the supply is circulating, the rest is locked or in liquidity. This thing is set to explode.

Add on top of this all the innovation coming over the next few months - stablecoin borrowing, synthetic assets, options trading - on TOP of the big treasury of community funds that will be getting put into revenue-bearing investments.

Then there’s the safety of the Whirlpool itself. Even if all these retards decided to jump ship and unstake, if you’re in the pool you’ll get a fuckton of divs and you can just sell them into the pool of locked liquidity. It’s literally designed so stakers can’t get fucked down to zero.

You are still early. Massively early. Once this thing gets rolling it’s gonna blow up, and then it’ll just be waves forever, getting higher and higher. Buy SURF.

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Ama with main dev yesterday

Tldr: decentralized hedge fund and passive income machine. External revenue producer and one of the most unique projects in defi.

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>11 posts by this id
>pajeet-tiered fud
Okay, seriously, how big is your bag?

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Exactly. The way this project is designed, it will still be here in 10 years and beyond. Holders will be collecting daily rewards forever unironically. It’s only a matter of time before they begin marketing too.

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It’s not the most advanced defi project though.

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Farm it. I have been farming both uni and surf in the usdc beach.
This is incredible desu I am not going to lie.

They have link, pnk and other pools too.

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Code is audited and open sources. Cope harder

Thanks for proving that you don’t have a clue how surf works. I suggest you DYOR for once.
>he thinks it’s a farming clone

It will make everything in crypto look like shit. Don’t believe me? You’ll see.

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If only you knew what surf was going to be. I’ll leave it at that. If you see this message, go all in on surf. I’ll be back in a few months with this screen.

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Cope harder you missed a 10x in a day.

>$15 million in 24 hour volume
>contracts audited
>code open sourced
>18k Eth in liquidity
>1000 eth in whirlpool
>cmc listing an hour after launch
>brand new concept
>not a clone

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