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What's up with all these frogcoins? another frogfever? that's why RETARDIO is bullish this month

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No need to cry, buy some MAGA TRUMP and gamble with memecoins like the rest of us

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i dont know bro, i dont think there's anyone in this room besides you, me, that cow over there screaming "mumu" and the guy with the clown makeup and the nametag that says "retardio" that keeps trying to convince me that im his cousin
i think we're kinda trapped here

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Honestly it is frustrating how hard it has become to choose a career these days. Mathematics and programming used to be one of the most sought after careers but lately most people recommend that if you go for a mathematics career you should either go for a graduate degree (it's useless if you don't) or focus directly on programming, even better with a focus on neural networks and artificial intelligence. Business and management is not even that affordable anymore because of the huge amount of graduates they have (and that, redundantly, are out of work unless they have strong contacts).
I say this from experience, I have a degree in IT with a postgraduate degree in information technology and several programming courses on my shoulder and I still find it difficult to get a job. I have an interview the day after tomorrow to join the x.com team (the token, not the site) and according to them they have "close ties" with elon musk. As long as I get paid I guess it's ok.

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>SEC will appeal the case
Btc is going to bart isn't it?

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You can't and you won't, your only hope is being a bagholder and coping harder kek, meanwhile I'll be doing the same with POND kek

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I just made $1000 with JESUS Token, bought some yesterday and now it pumped, I'm shorting it now might be profitable

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I made profits from NFTs less than the number of times that I can count with two hands, its not much but its something, what I don't understand is how can there be people that sold their entire collection multiple times worth with 1 or 2 only, wish it was me, I made a few couple hundred and they made thousands

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Which shitcoins have you fags made money with? And which ones have you lost money with?

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