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>"please stop trading my coins got hacked we have to roll back the blockchain"
>decentralized finance

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Kek literally a Beta tester
>he pays to talk to fake women now

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>"I sold at 70k"
>"I will get back in at XXk"
>it goes back up at XX+1
>you never get back in
>increasingly nervous as it goes up and you aren't invested
>BTC hits 100k and you are not invited
>every normie on TV talking about how BTC is this weird bubble
>you start turning pink
>this board is active again even with anti shitcoin email verification protections
>everyone is getting hilariously rich except you because you thought you were a a swingie genius
>you break and finally buy in
>you buy the top as smart money unloads
>everyone is now rich as fuck except swingies

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>infinite liquidity is comming
>sell your btc guys

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same retards who bought terra(LUNA) at +$100 and defending it at $1 calling it will go back up to 100 again, buying solana(SOL)
fucking kek, i can't wait to see these posts again

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She "loved" it because she was extremely highly paid to do an incredibly simple job that required no skills whatsoever

good fucking riddance. tech was overrun by the DEI agenda , hired blacks and women that contributed fucking nothing. now that DEI investor funny jew money has dried up, the companies arent continuing the charade of paying these idiots.

this isnt a wave a layoffs, its a return to fucking sanity

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holy mother of all cope

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>2 million € on VHYD paying me plenty o' divvies to do what I want
>im chiling in Madeira eating good food and enjoying nice sun with low taxes while renting in cool places
>TARDS will punish themselves tied to the same jurisdiction for life because they put their networths on fucking real cuckstate

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>I'm an awesome certified yoga teacher
>i was a crackwhore
>I met him at the rehab center

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You must have bought shib and bone and leash at the top. you silly nigger. Don't have your shib ptsd effect you on this token. it's nothing like them, Legit project. Legit team.

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>essentially which is bullish asf.

Can't believe some clowns sold their assets cause they listened to influencers like Capo who called 12K BTC

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Coping and seething from the deepest depths of your anal cavity.

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But both Bobo and Mumu are loser wagies who don't know how to crypto.

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>new rock came in the mail
Stackies are so funny

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>HBAR pump imminent

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(You): fuck a 0.01% interest rate in a savings account. I'm too smart for that. Cryptocurrency here I come!

Also (You): down 90%

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Did you really fall for it?

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I just know you're a -20 IQ nigger since you fell for the double spend joke.

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I can't believe they keep falling into a fraudulent black hole like Cardano. Try to invest in LINK, AVAX and/or ROSE while you can instead.

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it's amazing how the first two letters and the last letter on your id gives you away TOPKEK

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heckin based lmao

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