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I’m starting to get triggered really badly by the orange hefty bag commercials to the point where I don’t even want to go on my phone anymore. Please stop singing about plastic bags

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It’s so obvious. The bottom of this coin is in. It’s so obvious that I’m not gonna tell you which one it is anon you’re gonna have to use your big brain.

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I want to freeze myself at ripe age of 24 and wake up 1000 years from now. I genuinely think we live in one of the most idiotic times in human history.

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I’m sick and tired of following the fucking “hot takes” the new “big 1”. These fucking gay storylines have brought to my wits end. I’m at the point where everything pisses me off. I’m so triggered… unironically. I walk around this planet seethed out Bc I just know how much bullshit everything is

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