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That's a name I haven't heard in a long time

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The dog and meme coins having their run right now, right after the btc pump. We all know what that means… an insane alt season is upon us. If you filled your bags well in the last year(s) you should already have a 2-10x on your alt coins and the real run is about to start. Anons, fellow bizposters, lurkers and yes even you the rudders, we are going to make it, just be patient and sell at the right time for god sake.
See you all in Monaco or wherever you degens want to retire. Over and out.

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Sorry, chum. You don't get to cum.

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>paying jannies

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All right my good sir, pardon the tardiness...do go on my fellow chap!

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blessed thread, Jesus is king

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In nine years I’ll be 40

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Yes, micro scratches. If you did that to a rare coin it loses all numismatic value and goes to junk. Also less people want to buy a coin that looks like it’s been scratched clean. But yeah if you’re cleaning bullion or common junk, fine

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Interesting thread, the takeaway for me is that money is not everything in life

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You beclown yourself. The (((western banking cartel))) hates sound money.

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sorry frens but by the time you hit 30 it's no longer a valid excuse to blame your parents for how your life is going; plenty of people were raised by abusive narcissist parents and nevertheless succeed in life

t. 31 y/o and made peace with my parents two years ago

this is retard-tier advice
>bro just find a mentally ill girl and indulge her worst impulses so you end up with a useless NEET wife who spends your money on World of Warcraft and makes you feel embarrassed at family gatherings

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It was free. Dealers always gave free shit and discounts before 2020.

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For the first time since the summer I am back to 100% cash, 31.4k in profit. see you in a couple of months or a few weeks

Dont forget to take some profit

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Fuck niggers
Fuck jews
Fuck trannies
But most importantly, FUCK JANNIES

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white men in general are naturally curious creatures. this is why they lead in inventiveness and discovery compared with other races or women. curiosity leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to application

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Crypto currencies are pure hubris

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Cherry picking data, could have made a case to short on any of those tops, a lower high is only set in stoch after the price has made it's move

lagging indicator

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Books will be written about his sheer incompetence

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Looking for genuine feedback not trolling.

This is a business and finance board, after all

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Thanks for playing

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Fren here. Carry on good sir...

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The human condition is a disease

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DXY going parabolic, if it reverses gold should skyrocket

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Yes fren HH. What are premiums on these?

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