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You know how I know BAT isn't going anywhere?

I've been using Brave practically since its launch. Going in blind as a regular-ass end-user, I installed it, opened it up, and was given The Choice: Flip a switch to turn on more ads and collect pocket change across time, or leave the switch turned off and maximize the ad-blocking utility, aka the whole reason I downloaded the thing in the first place.

Guess which I chose. And guess what virtually every other normal end-user (as opposed to people actively investing and speculating on the future value of the BAT itself) is going to choose too.

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The tech seems amazing but the idea that important people in traditional finance like this coin makes me nervous about it. How can one be sure there isn't a trick or a trap here? How can one be sure that this isn't just their newest way of rigging the game against us?

Who is investing in it?

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>This thread
You're all gay. Suicide is selfish and destructive to the point of being unforgiveable. The least his dickhead brother could have done is leave his crypto behind for the people he chose to devastate emotionally to end his own faggot suffering.

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