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This anon is correct, better to borrow a stable coin against your collateral as then you can predict the debt load. if you borrow say 100 eth at $380 ea and eth goes to $480 each the debt may outweigh your collateral risking liquidation.

>t. Borrowing on aave against my linkies for a while now

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>gained $40 today

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WAZZZZZZZaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa comfy GANG

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>Get dumped on by reality
>Resort to name calling and useless buzzwords


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what's with all the real estate threads today? does quicken loans or fannie mae have a shill team on here or something?

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OK seems like right now all I need to do is to wait until they post some kind of forms on the MtGox website. Thankfully I still had the password for the old e-mail account I were using...

Kills me that they don't give any indication of how long it will take until they get those forms online. I'm going to need to check that website every day from now on.

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I bought this when I saw it had a big volume increase and that it was a few dollars, because I think if a coin can reach that it can reach much higher.

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