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the leddit newfag Biz-larper doesn't even know the biz filters. how cute

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are all avax shills dependent on attacking strawmen? stick to the topic pajeet shills

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it has been mathematically proven and the cryptographic scientific community agrees. in the (((disagree))) column you have Max Keiser and other BTC maximalists

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POW fags with no arguments as usual

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lmao if you aren't outsourcing at least 60% of your work what are you doing with your life

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>all webpages are factual, especially sketch jap ones
standard tezos mongloid FUD. these threads are special. all the COPE and desperate FEAR because everyone realizes they hitched their wagon to the wrong horse

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intense fear

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so vitalik wishes he was building Cardano. even vitalik thinks eth is fucked

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>the absolute state of eth & tezzie bagholder COPE

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>thinking the ethereum network could handle even 1 trillionth of facebook's traffic

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lmao you are one butthurt jogger. stop rubbing salt up there anon

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COPE reddit faggot.

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bye! don't let the door hit you on the way out. what will your suicide method be when it's sitting at $2?

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cardanowill have a native stablecoin mongloid, and the others will migrate because cardano will offer a more securenetwork which is much faster, it is a no-brainer. eth is fucked

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>Usless metric AF
no ait ain't, but tezos and mETH bagholders dismiss it because the amount of code being laid down by IOHK for cardano shows that the velocity and productivity and innovation happening under cardano's hood is unstoppable. COPE
>So what its about fucking time after 3-4 years
more COPE. being early to market with a shit platform gives you a nice early boost but leaves you deep in COPE and butthurt land as your shit platform gets curb stomped by something much mich better, and that better something is cardano... this this massive thread full of butthurt and cope.
>most decentralized
>No at least not yet
okkay fagalito, you get about one more month to say that. testnet has over 1000 nodes producing blocks, mainnet will launch and be right there, likely higher making cardano stupendously more decentralized than any other project worth discussing.
>dev team is nice and fucking brilliant
>it is ,but they are contracted
every response from you is COPE. IOHK will apply for contract renewal and have the opportunity to be funded directly from the blockchain just like anyone else.
>open source
>WTF? Its open source space lol
all code for cardano is 100% open, not all projects do that, not even close. no patents, all open. that is a huge advantage
>good api
kek, you're salty

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>hoping staking 32 ETH will save me

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nothing has fundamentally changed with the virus retard. everyone is slowly going back to work and it does not matter, the virus is more widespread than ever and is going to rip through the population with a vengeance. then we close down again and bodies pile up in every city and the markets fucking implode... meanwhile nothingburger fags such as yourself will starve.

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3-5 yesrs, like i said, it will be an outdated shit toy when it funally launches. you desperate bagholders are going to rude this all the way into the ground

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and yet tezos, which is a much bogger shitcone and clusterfuck than ETH is up more

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>he thinks it won't go any lower every time it dumps

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>Only 30B will be unlocked one month after mainnet
>Circulating Supply: 6,847,804,000

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