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How am i a shill? i just want to make some money. isn't that what this thread is about?

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How does one actually buy stocks?

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Given that 90% of all coins are scams and of the remaining 10%, 90% are doomed to become vaporwave, I see a lot of hope for a shitcoin that makes other shitcoins. But I still have a few questions:
>from where is this this token deriving its value from? What is the mechanims that forces everyone else to use it?
Shill it well and I invest $600

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>think about making my own ERC-20 token
>have funds to start it up
>somewhat understand contract code, should have no problem implementing it
>look up laws for America
>KYC is REQUIRED for an ICO, you can do it without KYC but good luck ever cashing out
>every time you give out tokens to people, you are REQUIRED to put that on your taxes
>every transaction requires GAS for processing
>GAS price is dependent on ETH price so you could be paying $1 for each individual transaction

How do coins like 4chn and SHITcoin have the money to throw into a black hole like that? I know my token will never be worth anything, but I'm not allowed to raise any funds for it AND I have to throw money away, what's even the point?

Should I just give up and put my remaining ETH in LINK/VEN?

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Hey /biz/ I'm new to this whole crypto currency thing and wanted to invest a small amount just to see what I can get out of it. However, I was wondering which coin would be the best to invest in
It seems like there's a lot of them and its kind of overwhelming me

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Why did they even do that? Why roll your own crypto? They got so much bad press because of the collision issues with theirs.

Why go through all that trouble and not just take a publicly available and secure one?

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>biz tells me hardware wallet is a must
>now biz tells me not to use one


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Maybe after all the shitposting about the last AKB elections being rigged by scripts we could have crpyto based idol elections. Hell the system they already use with account pools is pretty close for the end user.

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I have my first interview for a regional fast food chain later today. Any tips to help me get the job?

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Should internships help me land a job once I get certified? There is a possibility that I could get an accounting job for a family member's company or even one in Mexico but its not set in stone yet. Also how many years of experience do you look for in employees?

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I'm looking for a defensive ETF to adjust my portfolio with. I noticed that my portfolio is underweight defensive.

I'm looking at Powershares S&P 500 Low Volatility ETF and it looks good but it's not entirely defensive. I want a 100% defensive ETF so that I can do the minimum amount of adjustment to my portfolio without having to move a large amount of funds.

If I went with SPLV I would have to move around a lot of money just to get some more defensive weight.

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This is actually completely accurate.
How do I fix this behavior?
I was very ambitious as a child but now I can't keep myself from spending every waking moment on 4chan.

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