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All of these self help guru's tell you to sleep 5-6 hours a day but that shit isn't sustainable. I worked night shift for 2 years and slept 5 hours every night and that shit had my body so fucking stressed out that when i had time to myself i couldn't think, learn or even enjoy my time alone. After hearing neuroscientist talk about sleep they say you have to get 7 hours minimum and 8 for best if you want good cognition, motivation and results.

These successful fuck heads are speaking out of their ass and gasing themselves up and trying to make their rise to the top look more glorified then what they actually did (get lucky and be at the right place at the right time).

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All of this was fucking retarded. I don't have to grateful for a single fucking thing because i never asked for this god awful existance. Im living in a constant state of agony and torment since i was a fucking baby because my parents were grossly incompotent in raising me and i was the punching bag for a lot of their abuse. I've tried everything i can to improve myself to no avail and i've slowly come to the realization that im different from the average person and i can't intergrate properly into society. I get pleasure from absoutely NOTHING and everything fuckings sucks to do yet i've been forced to do it for all my life. Fuck your stupid god damn after life because i didn't ask for that shit either. not living from the start would have been the best option and pulling the plug is the next best solution. The game was literally rigged from the start for me and now i have to except that i can't come back from this awful life.

Absolutely retarded reddit tier plattitudes coming from you faggot.

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