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>if you let your coins in a cex for more than 5 min that should be temporarily confiscated for your own safety

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The taxes, I'm just not going to pay them

I know....UGH, I know, I'm sorry

I'm just not going to pay them is all


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3 hurrahs for this incredibly based and eloquent gentleman!

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There you go, lads

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Jews FEAR the debtmaxxer.
NOT paying. Always defaulting!

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For stocks*
Crypto will go to zero kek

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Thread is moving so fast nobody will notice me post SNEED

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I drank beer last night, had explosive diarrhea this morning and have yet to open my work laptop.

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>invents fake data to "prove" me wrong
I broke even a year ago, cuck

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I'm pushing hard for more poopoo and peepee posting

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Women owe me sex

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Get the airdrop of the next big meme coin

Name: Holocaust
Ticker: JEWS
Total tokens: 6,000,000
Token is burnable

How to get your free JEWS airdrop

1. Join the telegram t(dot)me/HolocaustERC

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I would like to take this moment to send a gracious welcome to all of the women currently browsing this board. Please know that you are appreciated and your divine aura unparalleled.

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>Do you know how much MATIC i can buy for 70$
A lot more than you could a few months ago a lot less than you will be a few months from now

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>MMMRI off the charts again
>10 year 3%+
>oil peaks
>DXY climbs
Yep the stars have aligned again. Back to the bear market we go

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>business owners are parasites because... because they are
>t. every single thing you are surrounded by is made by a business owner who provided you a service in exchange for a good with enough profit on top to live off of

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Finally got unbanned, I just want to say fuck jannies fuck niggers and fuck kikes.

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>You would crash all of those markets and send governments into insolvency.
Oh no...

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>futes down
>bitfucks up
The (crypto) meltup starts

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Dieser faden zeigt, dass der internationale Mann auf natürlicher weiße an die deutsche Sprache angezogen ist. einst wird eine Zeit kommen, in dem dies die norm ausmacht und die Welt zusammenkommt als ein verbündetes Deutschland. Wir kommen nach hause

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>ARKK will fall below 100 today

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>get margin called
>don't answer the call
Anyone else do this?

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I'm poorfagging on RLC
Perhaps I'll make it bothers

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I was watching videos lately on /biz/ highlights and I got to say thank you all for all the laughs and time spent together. I'm a relative newfag who's only been here seriously for the past few months with my poorfolio, although I'd check in alittle over the years. But, it has been so fun researching projects together, shitposting, and riding the ups and downs together. I've laughed so hard these past months at some of the shit on here, it has been great. Especially during a time like now where things can be so lonly. I'm 21, just started investing with what little money I have in college, but I hope one day I can make it too. No matter what happens, though, it was worth spending time with you all.
We're all gonna make it <3

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