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Is now the time to buy LTC?

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Once BTC hits $1 I'm buying

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$30 ETH Classic

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Okay fine next time it dips I'm buying LINK.

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>HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! posters gearing up for a smug fest in two weeks

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Exactly. But by the time you realise that's the point... it will be too late.

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Mfw I bought at $8

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What are your plans for the next ATH on crypto market cap, Anon?

Did you do your own diligence and bought the dip on September?

What are you doing with your gains?

I will tell you what I’m going to do for the next decade:

> AAVE Staking

Yes, my mission is to stake AAVE and ride the train as an executive. Increasing my participation in the protocol, learning from the community and fix my portafolio to accumulate as much as AAVE as I can.

Because AAVE is the golden boy, the goat of DeFi lending platform, and possible in the next decade AAVE will become as important as Goldman for Wall Street.

See you in Forbes anon.

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Looking for a butler. Since you guys helped me get rich I want to give something back. Please post resumes or explain why you deserve this job.

You get your own room in my mansion and 3 meals a day.

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