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>bamba bia! ibsa pidzerbia!

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how do i go from wage cuck to wage bull? I've never had a job that pays more than 40,000 in my life. I spend all day applying to entry level jobs and the only places that ever call me are obvious pyramid schemes or insurance mlms. I have a decent education and masters degree in business. is it really this hard for everyone?

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henlo fren

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>still no alpha

>still no MFSA license

>banning people from the TG for asking legitimate questions

>anon devs

>anon admins

>staking demonstration was a front end simulation

>their everchain is the exact opposite of a distributed ledger system

>boob is a pathological liar

>"everest will be the biggest thing humanity ever created"

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Any idea why this dump in particular is happening?

No memes or shills or whatever, genuine DD. What's goin on here?

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It will never got back to .05 swingie

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If frens want hopium.

I don't have much to weigh in on this video, but it was interesting to watch:


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>took the day off today because corporate boss man told me to take up my vacation days from last year
Thanks boss man

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>some zoomer corporate freshman was tasked with advertising to his peers
>creates mcdc
>now i'm fucking stahvin every thread

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How do I get started on investing in crypto? What software do I use to buy and mange my crypto portfolio?

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>>>>26624447 (OP) (OP)
>>Tell them to cover their shorts and this will all stop

welcome new frens

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>You'd think he'd understand the inherently different features of networks.
redditors are midwits, they understand just enough to repeat it
this is easy to notice

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Not sure if this belongs here but if I make less than 30k a year income wise, can I still deduct charity donations on my taxes? I've never filed taxes before and now that I'm employed I wanna donate some money, at least 5% of my check. Anyone here do that or similar? Can you help me understand how that shit works?

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You should be worried desu. The correct move right now is to exit all markets, wait on the sideline with 100% cash for the ritualized crash to occur, then buy back for a fraction of the price in few weeks.

It's both my lad

>“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.”
[Rev. 22:16]

>“So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star [Christ] arises in your hearts.”
[2 Pet. 1:19]

Jesus is Phosphoros, the bringer of light, the shiny dawn.

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i brought pizza

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thanks fren

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Don't do anything out of desperation, m8. When 2017 popped, we didn't know if we'd get another run but here we are. I don't think I'll retire from this run, either, but I'll get close enough that I won't need another one to make it.

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Different cryptocurrencies have different 'consensus mechanisms', which is how the network decides which transactions are valid and added to the ledger.
Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) are the two most common ones. They both provide economic incentives for validators to be honest. That incentive is what allows the network to be decentralized and trustless. Because of this incentive structure, the networks can be open to everyone without much risk of malicious actors attempting to approve fraudulent transactions. This is really the entire point of cryptocurrency, it is able to keep a valid record of transactions without trusting any party.

Proof of stake works by selecting a random node based on the amount of coins they have staked. That node then selects a bunch of transactions they'd like to add to the ledger. A committee of other nodes is then formed and they vote on the block, if they think it's legit they'll vote 'yes', if they think it's fraudulent they'll vote 'no'. If they decide the block contains fraudulent transactions the node who proposed the block will lose money in their stake. (it's generally a bit more complicated, but that's the basic idea)

XRP works differently, instead of economically incentivized decentralized consensus it has a list of 'trusted' nodes which vote on transactions. Much like proof of stake, but there's no penalty process. Meaning there's no economic incentive for being honest, so nodes must be trusted beforehand.
That trust means it can't be decentralized, as the nodes must approve trusted individuals to handle transactions. Completely defeating the purpose of cryptocurrencies and limiting node operators to those who have been approved by Ripple. Which usually means banks and financial institutions. Meaning the banks still have complete control over the coins and transactions.
That's why it's hated.

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>even billionaires spend too much time looking at their blockfolio
it really is a curse

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Buy back in, $0.02 is a great price.

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Same to you bud good luck

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How about you show me the lewds and then I'll describe them verbally to college boy? It's a compromise solution.

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