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Drink it in, BBBaggot. You could be up 15% today before earnings, but you chose to buy a company that didn't have any earnings. Sad!

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Cool topic anon. I committed the rookie mistake of building an app nobody actually wanted. Good experience though. I now never do anything in biz without first investigating the real market for it. I'm reading the book you recommended now, "The Mom Test." I have a ton of ideas on my idea board, and this might help me to narrow them down.

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Quad 8's. Not too bad. Bull confirmed.

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Get that cope ready
>I knew it was a gamble, I didn't need the money
>I had a $0.045 average, so I still made a _x
>here is how BBBYQ can still win
>we would have won if not for crime/judge/hedgies
>I'm joining the class action suit against Ryan Cohen/PPseeds to get my money back
>the shares have a par value of $0.01, so I technically didn't lose everything
>at least the bondholders didn't get anything either
>I can write the loss off on my taxes (NOL for the retail investor)
>filtered, thanks
>actually YOU'RE the baggie!
>we knew it was a typo
>still not selling/they turned off the sell button, bullish/confusion over extinguished shares
>actually expert markets is bullish
>wtfwt it's $5/share!
>says here "successor entity", we are SO back
>Doug Cifu is in the thread with us
As always, kek, PridefulAnon. Just top kek.

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>biz doesn't know yet
As per usual, these plebs will finally work it out when we hit 100mil

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Dangerously based

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This isn't seething, baglad, this is a good ol fashioned kekkin. I'd say I waited a long time for this, but it actually happened really fast.

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If you read the filing they got $240m in financing only available for company who filed chapter 11. They can negotiate with creditor which enjoy the protection against creditor. Rather than a fire sales of assets and dilution to hell this is a positive. Creditor will not be whole if BBBY were to go into bk.

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RIP to all the newfags who actually fall for the shills and buy this doomed coin

good luck have fun

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It's important because they were finally profitable for the first time in years. Also, their sales were down, so this warrants a further dive into their financial statements, where you can see (and the CEO stated) that capital expenditures were wrapped up last quarter, so they weren't spending money on projects and infrastructure. Plus they've closed underperforming stores, which will save them money. So even though it was a holiday season, which usually tends to be better for them than other quarters, we can expect them to be revenue neutral to positive, meaning the bear case for GME is done. They have over a billion dollars cash on hand as well as stock for an acquisition and to continue operations indefinitely. They aren't going bankrupt, which was the only hope for anyone short this stock.

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>he looks a bit stressed but helps out
>shows me how to fix the networking error I get
>wanted to ask him some other stuff
>suddenly hear some gaming sound in the background about "More units"
>a-anon I really need to go now if it's not super urgent
>sure bossman , I write you on slack

when did you WFH chads realize your managers and manager managers probably slack off more than you?

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Laughing at baggots, of course.

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I’m thinkin we’re back

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FeeKings, I have a feeling we're going to be eating good today.

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Why would I ever sell out of my 2.8% mortgage? Do you realize how cheap our housing payments are? The incredible combination of housing price/mortgage rates in 2020/early 2021 was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

The price of my home could drop 40% and I'd still have zero reason to sell. I get wanting to be a homeowner (its great) but dont be delusional anon

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I bought a 600k home in early 2021. it's still worth 690k currently

the truth is the reason prices have dipped is because rates are ATH. what do you think happens when the rates start coming back down? if you didnt buy during the generational bottom of interest rates you may well be priced out forever

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See? Not a single critique of the tech can be offered up. Just a bunch of low iq tourists with awkward sociological platitudes.

KAS chads remain undefeated.

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If you're stacking KAS right now then you're genuinely High IQ Autist certified and belong here.

Failed normies need not apply.

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literally dca any amount you can spare from ur wagie monthly paycheck into 30% BTC, 30% ETH, 20% LINK, about 10% spread on shit like MATIC, Aerwave and similar and 10% on absolute memecoins that might just pamp.

it's that easy, be patient and slowly buy and in 8 years you'll be able to easily violate cute 21 year old asian wamen

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>Mfw single uptick in my Vulcan and I'm in the green.

Thank you salt mines.
Keeping me afloat during this red tide.
I'm really starting to think that it might be a good idea to unload 100% of my portfolio into Atlas and Vulcan and ride them up while everything else takes a beating.

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>Yea… I think it over for the west…

Nice try Chink. I have dollar and i will buy more.

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many, after I get megarich from crypto

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