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I can't believe that anyone is listening to what Craig Wright is saying. He is such a fool, a charlatan and a scam artist. I can't believe anyone would be so dumb as to watch a single video clip of Craig Wright and not say that their gut doesn't say he's a fraud. I would never recommend any of my friends or colleagues listen to this man; if they did, I would surely ostracize them and boast to others how I had not fallen prey to Faketoshi's lies and falsities. All he wants is money, and according to many prominent body language experts, young children to groom. This is a common trait among those who seek wealth and power. Do not listen to this man. I am telling you right now. Bad fortune will come to you if you even think about indulging his narcissistic fantasies for one second.

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>invents your bitcoins
>lives rent-free in your head like a brain virus you can never be free of

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protip: profit off this by buying BSV. (((they))) are coming to shut down 4chan and any sort of anonymous free speech. but satoshi is building an unstoppable, uncensorable metanet that will be the light in the darkness

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BSV and bcash untouched

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this desu.. link is a fun biz meme but BSV is a global meme powerhouse. every reddit/twitter/biz discussion of bsv ends up with hundreds of replies and absolutely triggered cucks everywhere ree'ing on each other. CSW lives rent-free in the head of every single person in crypto

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*1400 BSV all in. left off a zero

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>he's not playing the moneybutton game
What is the moneybutton game? It is tailor-made for autistic neets who shitpost online all day. Step one is getting a moneybutton.com account. You will also need a twitter to play this game. Once you have your moneybutton account you need a little bit of BSV to play. You can pretty much just pajeet beg a few cents on twitter by following all the BSV people like satoj, ryan x charles, kevin pham etc.

now to play the game - you are trying to make the USD value of your money button account grow just by using your sheer autism to earn money on the blockchain. EZ mode is getting your gf to e-whore on bitstagram. costs a few cents to upload a pic to the blockchain but you can easily earn 10x that back in tips if you are good. doesnt even have to be porn. why spend autism making memes for /biz/ when you can post them to the blockchain and earn money if you are good at it?

if you have programming skills, its easy to make apps or games that earn more moneybutton tips. or start your own bistagram clone but for amateur porn and take a cut of every upload and tip. you will make millions.
this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible now. if you aren't earning bitcoin right now on bsv metanet you are missing. the. fuck. out.

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lets go boys

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At this point, severe autism is required to join the small world network of BSV.

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>mfw living rent-free

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