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Check this out guys. I'm sure other people have noticed something similar but I came up with this myself.
Maybe a key difference with what I've done is I'm not measuring from the price at the halving to the peak but rather measuring from the long term trend line at the halving to the peak. That cuts out the noise and should be more accurate.

The part that's hard to figure is how high to make the last measurement box. The first cycle saw about a 7000% increase in price. The second cycle saw a 4100% increase, or only 58% of the first. For the third cycle will it again be 58% of 4100? Will it follow a linear or logarithmic regression? A simple linear regression would put it at 1300% rather than 2400% and a price of $181,000 at the peak of this cycle.
I think that will be the range: $181,000 to about $325,000.

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