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>"Not buying your bags boomer"
Billions in millennial and gen z crypto losses have went straight to institutions pockets. Those funds and now reinvesting that money into boomer stocks for safe keeping.
There's no winning with the boomers, is there

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Sold at .31 from .20 run up

Had 210k GRT tokens...


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Guys, there are no CRSR, LGVW and CFL at my favorite broker.

pls help
In wich brokers are they in?

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I wasted my entire twenties (27 turning 28) dating a girl that I ended things with

I dropped out of college and am stuck in a skilless career making under $40k after taxes

I spent my teens introverted and overweight and its ruined my self esteem even to this day.

My crypto portfolio was over $900k+ in 2017 and I didnt cash out. The $90k I have right now split between LINK/BTC is my only hope.

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