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Sergey is playing chess at a 5D level. His IQ is reportedly 200, his brain is capable of thinking at velocities you can't grasp.
1D: LINK is a great project.
2D: LINK is a meme.
3D: LINK is a great project, but there is fud and mystery.
4D: LINK is a solid project, there are hidden messages everywhere. He is humble and hardworking.
5D: The most brilliantly crafted exit scam. He is able to fake partnerships for 50%, and bluff his way into corporations for 50% of the other partnerships. He deliberately leaves breadcrumbs and occasionally LARPs as multiple people, including Rory. He is the only one in the world capable of conducting this masterplan. He will exit scam more traceless than imaginable. The pictures we "have" of him is a MKUltra hypnotized grad student of his.

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