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>Not being a namechad

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We accept your resignation

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You fucking retards. If you seriously don’t know what L2 solutions even mean and can’t differentiate them you probably should stop playing this game.
Here’s some for starters: Loopring, xDai, OMG.
What you get wrong though OP is that L2 has been a buzzword this entire year. Maybe you meant a buzzword for the normans. The solutions have been around. Some since 2018. But nobody uses them. Because it’s hard to integrate them successfully. There’s lots of L2 already out there. More than I named.
And you’re doubly retarded if you don’t realize that ETH 2.0 will kill all need for L2, so L2 is not really needed dependent on the timing of ETH 2.0, which could be within a year.

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He didn’t say any of that you retard. Just sell lol

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please stop causing trouble and just go back sir. we will not hesitate to use the attack dogs if you don't leave now

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Bye bye boomer

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>thread about account balance
>not about assets or estates

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