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>love work and endlessly devote their time to a company that'll fire them in an instant
>love pointless meetings that go in circles
>hate working from home

Also fuck 4nigger for thinking my post is spam

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You are probably going to die by my age faggot. If the tranny suicide rate doesn’t get you then a biden war or starving to death under an economic collapse will.

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Increased my position on T hopefully it has a bigger dip. Where my Divie Chads at?

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No pain no gain. Nothing in life is free or easy don't you know kid?

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fuck off zoomer

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in your dreams zoomers, boomers bought BTC at $0.10 and sold at $20k, we're not spending a single dime from our 401ks and pensions to buy your bags

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The zoom will fear the boom

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No worries.

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If you are not rich, you probably are not as smart as you think you are.

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Why do you guys complain about being broke, not making any money, being a wage cuck and how the tour is over - while at the same time doing fuck all to fix it. Instead ya'll get home from your "wagecuck" jobs and play video games, watch porn, fap, watch movies and just waste time.

Real talk: This is why you are losers.

This is why you guys aren't killing it in life, this is why you aren't moving up, this is why you are stuck in dead in jobs, this is why you view your job as being a wage cuck.
My job is hard, challenging, working at a top tier company, put in a lot of hours and hard work, and get paid a lot of money - I hit the gym before work at 6am, dress well, look good, and get hit on by girls in/out of work constantly.

When I have a problem in life, I don't sit around complaining about it, I get off my ass, out of my comfort zone, and fix it. Have some damn balls. Actually better yet, don't, keep playing video games and thinking swiping on tinder is going to magically land you a hot/quality girl, while my 36 year old ass keeps smashing the 18-25 year olds you should be smashing.

Thanks dweebs! Have you seen the latest Super Hero movie? I hear it's awesome! Make sure to watch the latest Fortnite and DOTA streams. Also "gift" the few dollars you have to your favorite e-thot and buy up some of her bathwater - great investment in the future boyos! She'll totally appreciate your donation too, if you're really lucky, she'll give you her snapchat and pretend like your matter! SCORE!

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/Flexing on zoomers at the gym sure is fun

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>reddit steals the credit for the work you did

This has been the worst. Last I checked (which has been a long time, admittedly) their site doesn't even host any files of its own. Disgusting nu male millenial trash

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Ok /biz/ let me shill you on some low market cap gems that will net you an easy fucking ×20-100 when alt season comes around again

IONC: 1 Mil mcap; an actually good version of Iota. Chinese power team with lots of partners, with one jewish advisor, and the logo is literally a star of david so you know its gonna get that Jewish money. Good buy anytime before holocause 2.0 imo.

INE: 7mil mcap; Holy FUCK I cant believe this hasnt been shilled on /biz/ yet. Chink team with some HUGE fucking names, Alibaba operations manager, Shzeng group founders, Big money names all around and their core dev team includes Google, Apple, and Samsung experience. This shit may go fucking 200× honestly. Buy this shit fucking RIGHT NOW round eyes, this is huge.

Demi-God tier:
VIDT: 7 mil mcap; This has been shilled here so if you just thought it was another scam you need to DYOR honestly, its not. IF YOUR A NEET, i would suggest buying this. Their biggest usecase right now is for integrating diplomas into blockchain, if they succeed you can just pay a college with this to get an honorary diploma in anything you want honestly.

LIT: 6 mil mcap; Another coin shilled here so you should be up to date, but bassically they are trying to get cross nation exchanges down. Good stuff, good buy.

XBASE: 4.5 mil mcap; An exchange coin that pays you trading fees to be a market maker, exchange is integrating into SEPA fully to be EU's exchange. Honestly its just a great idea, no more shitty exchange bases pump and dumps your just outsourcing the market making to your community, huge room for growth too with EU integration and huge room for growth without it even. The idea alone makes scooping up a bag of this worth it.

VNT: 3 mil mcap; Skywire meshnets with machine learning added, but actually good and with corporate use-cases. Upside here is pretty big if it pans out, and the idea is solid. Also worth picking up a bag.

Remeber, always tip the sharpie in pooper anon

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>bullshit metric

Do you mean the historical fact of China going from a hovel filled with illiterates to a world power very shortly after embracing capitalism and abandoning Maoism is a bullshit metric?


...-Or is the bullshit metric the idea that a CEO taking home a fraction of a percent of a $60,000/yr average employee's wage-as a part of a voluntarily signed and easily terminated contract-has less in common with theft than an unaccountable and militaristic public entity taking tens of thousands of dollars from that same person over that same time frame at gunpoint?

You tell me, cumrade

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Fuck yeah my favorite band.



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Total Crypto supply has grown a billionfold since 2008 and is not really deflationary durr. Cmon pajeet say something else funny, dance like a monkey for me while explaining why the jews being able to track your finances openly through kyc blockchain is good and then post the video, then I will maybe consider buying your shitty discord coin.

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Recreational sex is for double digit iq subhuman retard cattle; I'm not falling for this 1984 libido dominandi modern dating scene shit and I'm not wasting my FUCKING time going out of my way to fuck some humorless, basic fatty blowjob machine as if settling for a one night stand with a disgusting whore is somehow more desirable than jizzing in the single toilet unisex public bathroom at my place of employment while I'm on the clock.

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>my parents spent all their money on lottery tickets.

I feel like pic related.

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>he still labels his X and Y axis like a middle school algebra class STEM cuck
Maybe if you use your fingers to count it will help

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>retards with asinine degrees migrate to the historically romanticized CA expecting to get a job or to otherwise "make it" not knowing that companies are literally fleeing in droves
>they end up contributing to the homeless population instead
>"and it's a good thing"

The absolute state of Cuckifornian damage control lmao



Your turn soon faggot, I hope you like your new neighbors~

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Can someone explain calls and puts to my retarded ass?

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