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why are there so many bsv threads lately?

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i have 200k cash

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i just bought more bsv

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Just watch it bros

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There are people on this board still holding bitcoin

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It's over for me. I don't think I'm going to make it.

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Annual minimum wage in Ukraine is 2.2k USD. We just got someones annual salary for each wallet. We should be grateful for this opportunity.

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Alright, I admit it’s because of antisemetic reasons.

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>watching porn where the primary focal point is the guy
Stop masturbating for one day and come back to reality anon

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What the heck is bit corn and how do I make money off of it

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I have more money in the stock market than I do in my bank account

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I had sex yesterday for the second time in the same week. It’s been more than a year since gf left me and I started trading shitcoins almost full time. You can do it too, we’re all gonna make it.

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I didn’t think so

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what does it feel like to make winning trades and making life changing money?

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and I don’t care

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Where’s my stimulus money
I need to pay off my credit card

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/biz/ what's the worst business/ financial decision you've ever made?

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Don’t lie

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This greed will end us all

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That car will lose 20% of its value the second he takes it off the lot

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Guys I bought NAIL etf 2 days ago instead of TQQQ because I thought tech was in for a large dip after these past weeks, but I’m starting to think that in this clown market a tech dump will somehow also affect lumber. If this is true then is there any point to buying stock that isn’t big tech?

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I believe it’s retarded. And the fact that everyone is buying an internet coin called COOM affirms this.

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