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i work in a quiet store selling tacky birthday gifts like teddy bears and cards.
for the past 2 years its been perfect for me, just the right level of human contact to not go mad and a small enough workload that i dont need to do things like sleep before going in.
theres only 7 members of staff, the new guy is a 65 year, who at all times has to be funny and with me at least, tries to be one of the gang.

thats fine in itself, hes obviously lonely and i can handle some level of banal conversation but hes the nosey as fuck and is asking me questions nobody else has even thought to ask this past 2 years.
>hey anon, wheres your girlfriend?!
>anon how come you never tell us all about your adventures with your friends
>bet youre upto no good tonight arent ya!
>oh what are you doing tonight?
>what did you do before this
>what are you into
>what why who when blah blah blah

how do i get him to fuck off and leave me alone? my life this past couple of years has been quietly drifting in and out of the card store 3 times a week and then sitting nursing my shitcoin stacks at home, quiet happy in myself. this guys making me really uncomfortable in work and ruining my little shitty life.

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>low paid wagecuck
>part time piano player for extra $
>university drop out
>share apartment with my brother
>$5k cash saved
>$14k in chainlink (average 37c)
>$3k in bitcoin (average 4k)
>rich boomer dad lives off passive car parks investments
boomer dad is sick of me fucking around and wants to cut me and my brother in on a couple of new plots hes picked up but only on the condition that we pay in with what we have rather than just giving us something for nothing, which i think is fair.
we've been over everything with him and hes totally fine with me speculating on /biz/coin but says it shouldnt be anything like as much as i am just now, when he can guarantee 7-8% returns per year for as long as people need to park cars and bikes, with the guarantee of owning the fucking land its on aswell.

if i was dealing with sums 100k+ the decision would be easy and id say fuck all crypto but im not, ill also never go 10x+ with a fucking car park.
what do

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>its a fucking picture.
youre right, fresco is just a picture
pic related isnt just a picture

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