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>why yes, I love niggers and their ethnic hairdos, how could you tell?

Yeah, you are right, I should keep track of every new smelly tattoo negro with dyed dreadlocks that comes out and immediately identify fakes

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Yes you braindead nigger, I literally just said it here: >>29686535

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So you are extremely lucky when finding 100x+ projects, but you are extremely unlucky on which you choose to gamble on long term

Yeah this makes sense up to a point. I know that occasionally there are posts that are actually early. Personally, I always spend at least a few minutes looking into every project I see shilled, even obvious scams, just to be sure.
My basic criteria are market cap below $2m and no hockey-stick graph. I have done pretty well on this, but I have never hit a 10x or above, not even once. Also, I don't ever believe it when someone claims a project with $500m MC will 10x so I usually don't bother with mid to high MC tokens (besides PRQ).

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I use txt files -> 7z file -> VHDX file with bitlocker -> bitlocker partition -> offline RAID10 array
Thanks for the eth.tornado tip

Explain how I am a "mouthbreather" you stupid faggot

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The screen isn’t green. There is actually equipment in the background.

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That’s more than enough.

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