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>he thinks the bid/ask are set by other traders

Have you heard the term “market maker” before anon? You have never in your life bought or sold anything from or to another trader. It all goes through market makers. Aka computers aka the Jews. If you have a resting bid in when they change the price in the premarket and it jumps below your bid you won’t get filled unless it bounces back up. Same issue with stop losses in the extended hours. They can jump right past your number and you are left bagholding as the stock goes 7% lower and then tanks at the cash open.

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Indexes flat.

Metals still down nearly 1%

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Salary / passive income high enough I don’t have to keep track of my budget

Own my house, own my cars, bills auto debit from credit cards earning 2%, credit cards auto debit from checking.

I just do what I want. Lately that’s been a healthy 12hrs a day watching markets and shitposting on /biz/

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I’ve been making money practically ever day selling options in there

>MFW the prices people are paying me for puts 80% below where the stock is trading right now.

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Sure, SPY will be pumping tomorrow. Pumping up the puts as it crashes

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>just hold for another ten years bro
>you’ll break even eventually bro
>diamond hands bro

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>he didn’t sell when literally niggers were posting about their lil Bitcoin stock

>he didn’t sell when Peter “Muh gold” Schiff capitulated last week.

Did you think they were gonna ring a bell for you at the top? We tried to warn you. Enjoy holding for the next three to five years to break even

>implying it’s ever going back over 50k

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Anon get jerkin buddy

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faggot autist got triggered
anons around him all sniggered
jannies were triggered
everyone called him a nigger

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>holding UVXY overnight

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I’ve told you anon. it’s not about the money; it’s about sending a message. I, taking my GME to the grave. You can’t have it at any price.

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Nigga I ain’t poor. I made it long ago; I own my home outright. Tax and utilities combined ~1000$/mo on my 5500sqft home so I guess you could call that my rent. Would be probably 2500$ ish if I had a mortgage.

>MFW people in my area pay 1600$/mo + utilities for 1500sqft apartments cause bad credit, no deposit, waiting for a correction or whatever buckshot they tell themselves as my house appreciates 20%+ per year.

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>uncle joe sends his regards

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>Biden’s Economy

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imagine being so butt hurt about PLTR you spam fud every single thread.

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>PLTR will be $100 by Q3.

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kek everytime

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Not all who wander are lost bro

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