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I contribute to the github's on these projects as a hobby and i can safely say that Ethereum will grow significantly in a few months.

The main issue is the 15 transactions per second vs Mastercard at about 1,500. Fortune 500 adoption needs thousands and everyone knows it. significant progress has been made recently however.

Ethereum 2.0 is already running at https://prylabs.net/participate and it can currently put Mastercard, Visa and Paypal combined to shame in Transactions per second. all that is missing is a ecosystem of decentralized software clients. Vitalik is very worried about how the parity multi sig wallet hack happened. Basically everyone was running Ethereum from a single third party client and it had a bug.

Major emphasis has been directed to funding independent third parties to develop a ecosystem of clients to run Ethereum. This is to avoid the whole system crashing if someone finds a bug in some third party software running Ethereum.

sooooo in a nutshell everything is 100% ready and Vitalik is auditing all the third party clients to ensure that people running Ethereum have enough software programs to run it on from a larger amount of companies.

All this flies in the face of how things are normally done in crypto which is fast and loose and it is because the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has major fortune 500 backing and everyone wants a massive audit done before mass adoption.

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