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I have 1095 linkies and trying to get more little by little. I just want to enter six figures territory.

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>could have made it if I just dumped everything I have in link at 0,16
>there's probably a shitcoing or two being shilled here that will do exactly the same
>I won't buy it before it's too late
>repeat for 50 years

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>tfw you'll never be a qt girl

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>own 2 houses
>no gf

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Who here general loborer and works multiple jobs
Me >1st shift 7am - 5pm
>2nd shift 6pm-12pm
Weekend shift 8am-8pm Saturday and Sunday

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Is robinhood good

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I have type 1 diabetes and it looks like big pharma has no interest ever curing my zombie existence - should I invest in LLY since they'll never be out of business as long as people like me don't quit living

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>only bought half a coin when it was in the $7ks

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If this doesnt work Im relocating to South America to teach English and fuck chubby hispanic chicks.

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>sell bitcoin through a specific method
>have lots of customers even tho I take a huge transaction fee
>sell a user $10 worth
>they type in an email address for their wallet
>tell them thats a coinbase email most likely, we need an actual bitcoin wallet address to send to
>they reply getting upset they didnt receive payment yet, they claim their email address is a valid bitcoin address and threaten to leave a bad review and tell their friends to stay away from the site if we dont send within xx hours
>I dont use coinbase for these types of transactions, payments are sent automatically from a bitcoin API and require a normal bitcoin address

Why are normies retarded and also why do they get angry when dealing with customer support instead of just reading our responses? They like to accuse things of being a scam instead of taking the time to understand what theyre even doing.

Will crypto ever really be used by anyone whose not a millennial?

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Everytime I see it, I'm like what a cute cat. Then I remember my cat of 20 years passed away a couple months ago. Might consider adopting a cat in a year or so but man I miss my cat.

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agree. put me on the screenshot

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>I'm starting a simple skateboarding designer clothing company next month

>I have close friends who are graphic designers willing to throw down with me

>I have several connections in Boston, I know the market very well

>Projected to make 50K a year if I work hard enough (Not a lot to you guys but i don't wanna be rich I just wanna be self-employed)

>Come on /biz/ to get general advice maybe some pointers

>Several threads about the impending 2017 mega-bubble-burst with extra big mac sauce

I've sank over 1000 dollars(a lot for me, I just graduated HS I have nothing) into this company /biz/ how fucked am i if this bubble bursts? Please tell me everything's gonna be okay

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>be factory wagecuck
>worked both Christmas eve Christmas news years eve and new years
>should be taking home over $1400 this week for holiday pay
>don't get holiday pay because I've only been here a month
>also wont get medical insurance until a few weeks past the Obama care tax deadline

Why is this no benefits for 90 days shit legal?

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