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ive already said im too curious to die yet, even if all thats ahead is misery and more bs, id like to be here to see it.
maybe when one of you makes it i can get a job doing the lawn or something, theres always room for a trailer out of sight of these big houses

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So far i haven't earned much BAT mate. The number of Brave activated websites remains rather small at the moment of writing. I currently have about 9 BAT in my brave wallet, and the only way to convert to fiat is to reward your own publishers content. Right now, it can be considered an internal revenue cycle without the need for external fiat injections. It sorta operates on its own.


Not entirely true. Brave does an excellent job at protecting your privacy too, which is my main reason for using it. I'd be willing to pay about $5 a month for that. Will it ever be worth thousands? Don't be retarded like the other BAT "investors" here. Again, the USER decides the price, not the INVESTOR.


Look at these /biz/ faggots.... nothing but raw emotional output... no reason, no logic.

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How the fuck can you even function properly with such twisted and distorded views of reality? It boggles the mind how detached you are dude.

Stop watching those daily late-night shows. Seriously.

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I've basically checked it out after noticing it being shilled on /biz/ last week. For now, it does seem to be a nice investment to make imho. I bought 500K myself. It originally is a PivX fork, so the tech is quite decent. They did a restart in december and coinswapped because of it, so as to make them able to adopt more technical feautures such as Colossus Grid.

Anyway, it has a relative low supply of only 10mm with a previous ath of nearly 0,02 cents. At these prices, this would be a good moment to buy in. Their website looks nice and the community is even better... strange even... no drama what-so-ever lol.

Also important to note is that their marketing campaign did not even begin yet. They had a successful crowdfund last week that secured them a stand at the London Crypto Exibition, so its picking up some steam.

all in all, an interesting investment for sure.

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21k Ark 28k blockport reporting in.
We are going to fucking make it laddies. This is the hidden pearl. Word on the street is V2 drops before consensus nyc next month.

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