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listen pal that's pretty rude and honestly quite mean you should be ashamed of yourself for speaking to a woman like that you should have some respect for women they are sacred beings that should be protected at all costs you should really think about the impact of your words before you say them it's just offensive

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yes biz is cringe full of shills who don't even know how to read or use a hex editor they just repeat whatever talking points they hear on /biz/ they are all 13 years old biz has been dead for years now its just another wallstreetsbet where they shill the top 3 tickers and everyone tries to get out before the rug the fact that anyone takes biz seriously or gets info from biz is mind boggling but this is why you have the average joe trying to figure out how tor works on /biz/ just sad

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yeah man i totally agree with the autist anon its a good plan to buy the $doge pump and dump right before the elections and then pump and dump during the bull later on but i'll let you in on a secret we are going to dump on you when the elections are over and $doge starts dumping again we are going to use the exit liquidity from you normies to fund our anonymous collective and you're just going to be left holding giant bags of nothing for eternity this is the way of it this is the way of the meme

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yeah sure bro keep pretending that the fed can't just make the financial system work however they want the next major issue could be the energy markets or china deciding to invade taiwan don't be too much of a fcking idiot to miss this final bull cycle it would be pretty funny though to see the normies miss out on the last ride the only thing thats certain in this life is death and taxes so i will make sure to use those two certainties to my advantage and dump on the normie baggots in 2024

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this is obvious fud this is the same shill who has been spreading fud on $anon for months don't listen to this shill if you look at the chart nvidia has a clear double bottom the next bull run will see nvidia reach 10 trillion market cap with ease and if you do your research $anon is going to pump like no other so you should definitely buy the bottom before it pumps because when it does you'll be sitting on a 20x return at minimum

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