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why do you even bought chainlink?
just sell, math is your enemy
if you hope for quick 2 year profit, hookers and house. Sell. Never return. Get a job for those kind of things.
You don't understand the vision. Chainlink different game.

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>Is it true that the first investors in this project were redditors and twitter normies?
No, it was Sergey and his buddies.
>I thought y'all were the ones who bought early
This fact doesn't change the size of my wallet, it doesn't matter, nobody is handing out medals for being early.
>and spread FUD everywhere to stop folks from getting in early
What is this? Memelogy for wikipedia? You care about things which doesn't matter at all.

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Yes, because you are dummy who thinks your funds are on some device, like people think their cash is on their card. NO. Your funds are still on blockchain and they are still open to every possible blockchain vulnerability and that includes your key theft.
Ledger is another dump people b8. You just spend money for security which is not needed, you actually increased a possibility of theft by sharing info with ledger. YOU ARE STUPID, like every other people on /ledger/ generals.
I repeat you again, STUPID.

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To shake out faggots like you and make sure you never make it.

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So you are telling me, my son, you joined ranks of fuddsters, because it was fun to shipost on /biz/?
Have you had fun?

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Because this chart or excel shit isn't an oracle to future.
I will tell you again, this excel shart says nothing, it's based on math model if x then y.
It's just stupid. You should be ashamed for even saving it.

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There has to be a sacrifice. You have to come in piece with it.

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Stop pretending to be a prophet. How many years has it been since tokens were launched? Yes, all those alt coin chains died on their own, because they had no solutions to problems, eth came and offered a solution through tokens. How many tokens were launched? thousands. Yes, half scams, half without required knowledge or required people to develop. Only hand full are capable of solving issues for eth.
Natural selection happened in crypto space and you couldn't resist to take it for yourself, btc fan boi.
>BTC is going to sucking money out of Alts slowly like it has since 2017
Correction: Out of tokens
Go back and look at btc trading volumes, it doesn't matter is it changes in 10s of billions, price barely moves.
Wake up out of that "imma get rich out of next bull run" phase. You are blind.

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Go back to 1., you asked for it again.
Sell it already, who's stopping you? Read your own OP, you said ChainLink is useless, sell now, what are you waiting for?

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think of better b8s.
This shit is getting old.

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because you are routine faggot
Do something else after work, faggot.
Go for a walk, sit on a bench, be that weird faggot sitting in park and watching people.
Think, faggot.
Claim city block as yours. Go around and memorize all fucking places in that block.
Think, faggot.
Watch building sites, watch workers doing their jobs there. Memorize what they do, search google work job titles, look up what contractors pay them.
Compare their work to yours. Think, faggot.
Think, faggot.
Think, again, you routine faggot.
Start cooking yourself something, learn to make dough. Cook for yourself, faggot.
Think, faggot, because you are routine faggot, who will die without ever trying to mix an egg into a dough.
what a faggot...he even cries dreaming about non existing life.
It's because you never try something else.

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>he doesn't understand how it will work and what workarounds possible
>actual brainlet
Your parent's life must have been a tragedy...

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Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck sells his link stacks?

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this is the best advice ur ever going to get in ur life.
go to cc for 1 yr, take math/lab science/writing sequences, get straight a's
halfway through apply to UNC/UVA. they are public universities that meet full financial need (free for poor fucks). they accept anybody from CC with a high GPA (public institutions focus on promoting social mobility), and they are both extremely reputable.

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>Do you fags believe in financial planners
The thing is, you have to find investing clubs.
Here in my country we have one. Original creators write a magazine about economy, do paid teachings, paid classes, free seminars etc. Everybody knows who runs the club, everybody know who works for what company.
It is really nice to go up to a man who has been in top positions either in national banks or close to president, foreign banks and ask question or help to understand something. These people are simple, it's their side gig, they always help subscribers. When you finish classes, you become friends with some, change numbers, when you need consultation you call your "now" friends, or just talk in other meetings.
You have to learn financials all by yourself, you have to be your own adviser. Go ahead and buy adviser, but ask as many question as you have, always learn, keep them busy. You do the management.

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>70k/12 months = 5833.333333 dorrars/MONTH
I still can't get my head around, how much americans spend on food and flat/room/house a month. Where the heck do they spend almost 6k a month? where? who eats your cash? oh my fucking god, I would roll like bacon in frying pan with that much money.
Americans! Where do you spend your money? how much stuff costs? OMG!!

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Do you understand, nico? I can arrange your funeral today, it's not a hard work, I can bury you today, everyone will see pictures, your meme will be dead, never to use again.

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blonde never had kids, because she's a brainlet who never were able to manage her finanaces, lives off her parents support.
Brunette spends her Fridays at some harlow pubs looking for new daddy for her two children, one is nigger. She's only happy at work, were she forgets her failed life.

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You can't fit one in to one.
One can has few "XXXX", it's just that people after takin test read that ending text and think they are some flowerflakes in a world. It is a goal of a test to make people feel better about themselves. Some then goes deeper into that personality type to find out more "about themselves". It's psychology, it was an attempt to group people and find ones who would be best at specific tasks.
There is literature deep diving into "Personality type" pseudoscience. If you clever enough, you can use it to your advantage.
>People have specific traits in them
>give them a test to look into them
>4 letters doesn't mean anything
>Look for percentage of specific trait
>recruit, fulfill their satisfaction
You've been looking at it from different and wrong angle, m8, you can do test on people without even telling them you are testing them. I did a tests on my friends, it usually takes 2-3 weeks and few "let's get a beer" sit downs.
Build your own army, faggot, profit from it.
Oh, but I guess you aren't a human architect.
Your problem is, you never go deep dive into "common" thing and find out why is it common thing.

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>cash out my ETH and then file a charge back
are you stupid?

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I love how you guys put effort in your fud and shit.
Linklets should learn from you how fud is created.
>some heartwarming story
>hint of major accussation
>accusation without tellin, but it's in the image
>keep talking about boring nonsense, but your goal it for people to read the image
>Post it
>fud complete
>0 evidence, 0 fails, nobody ever asks to prove anything
>it werks

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>He will also announce his new, streamlined decentralised oracle solution
>announcement of a truly superior alternative
>He sold Chainlink network components
>his oracle solution
I don't want to look like a only faggots here, but give me sources on your statements right now.

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Do you realize that Sergey is buying up all competitors?
How small is your brain nowadays? Probably my balls are bigger that your brains.

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>What the fuck do you do when your upper management doesn't give a shit
That means they don't give a shit about you too, faggot.
Leave, give them a lesson how easy is to loose a specialist.

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