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2137 best polish meme

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Do your DD as always.

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Alright, I made the Telegram group.

The name is HAROLDCOIN.

Can you please confirm if you search that you can find it

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Thomas Malthus quotes that same passage in his Essay on Human Populations. We're all fighting over scarce resources, simply because the earth does have a maximum carrying capacity in terms of food production. And no matter how good your tech level gets, you'll still have a cap, albeit higher for the calories you can make in a year. And since humans can reproduce geometrically, but only increase their food output arithmetically (at best), the limit always gets reached.

This is the reason that Malthus' work was banned in the USSR. LMAO

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>758 LINK...

Can I make it to 1k before july pump, please I need some hopium...

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Eastern European anon here biz
>Stem civ eng student
>No job due to the chink flu
>Food almost finished
>Have to pay rent in 2weeks

Is there any zoomer fag that needs help? I can help with your homework/ can make websites but someone FUCKING HELP
[email protected]

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I will earnestly say that fitting "tipping" as an excuse to permit a service worker's mandatory salary be pitifully small in the hopes that regular people will fill the rest is the most Hebrew thing I have ever seen in my life. Of course it's mandatory that the employer cover it if it isn't found in the tips, but that's a rarity, because tips are built into the culture of American service workers (and nowhere else on earth), and anywhere that doesn't have these laws in place is obligated to outright refuse gratuity.

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This is the real question. You can laugh at all of the sheep who freak out and bleat about how bad Muh 'Rona is, but the other sheep who are presently pretending this virus has literally no impact in society and are gathering in massive groups without any kind of protection or preventative gear are going to be the ones who assure that the virus actually becomes the nightmare that the reactive lockdowns were attempting to prevent. God help the USA, because the people absolutely will not.

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The flu doesn't matter. It's our unsustainable balloon economy that was fit to burst at any moment, but is being propped up in order to guarantee shareholders can exit with maximum profits and that the banks and CEOs can draw as much money from the federal reserve as imaginably possible while also giving bread crumbs to the masses to keep them distracted and focused on holing up in their houses as the entire balloon deflates.

Our economy isn't based on anything physical, just speculation and easily manipulated/falsified concepts built to blind people who are not "in" and provide huge boosts to the actual in crowd. The rich will be eating on honeyed ham and lobster dinners every night for years to come, while you shoot your neighbor because his frozen hot dog stash is enough to give you a few more days of survival. The rich will be on yacht/cruise fleets with fully staffed crews and far the fuck away from any of the masses, who will be burning cities when their money is worthless. The rich will have armies of paid bodyguards and mercenaries who will be given huge promises while the government tries to continually take firearms away from the public to prevent us from assassinating the ones who doomed our futures. And if you kill rich people, their paid news slaves will condition the public to brand anybody involved as inhuman terrorists and madmen so the public feels shame at even considering this. When the fires clear and the ashes settle, the rich will return to the broken ruins of society and start paying the blithering retard masses to start producing things, and the cycle will begin anew.

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>I'm not interested in your irrelevant deflection regarding the USSR's economic weakness. Ofc they were economically weak, their entire economic model was pants on head retarded and they experienced a slow burn to bankruptcy and capitulation.

> I don't deny American economic success powered their efforts to contain the spread of a hostile ideology worldwide.

I literally said explicitly this, and you are in vehement denial. Military moves did nothing. Vietnam meant nothing. The turning point was a purely economic one. The Cold War was a clash of political and economic ideologies, and Russia lost because they couldn't keep up. What the fuck are you even arguing?

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anyone dare guess what tomorrow holds?

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>We gave the world music
Every American needs to be lit on fire, no exceptions. Bullets may heal, fire surely won't.

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