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uh hi there

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i like this one personally

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omg sergey just sent a selfie

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"KIKE NIGGER JEWS AGAIN!" Sergey roared stomping into his office decorated to look suspiciously like the Cayman Islands.
"What's the problem this time?" inquired Adelyn looking up from her wet dictionary with a jaded glance.
Rory and Thomas stood over in the corner by the coffee machine. Rory shrugged his shoulders, Thomas rolled his eyes and mouthed "not again" to Rory. Rory, not wanting to get involved in yet another morning 'incident', thought of his wife's son and all they had built together.
"Well..." Sergey began before staring into space for a solid 42 seconds. The others had grown accustomed to this inevitable delay and waited patiently.
"The media, in all their wisdom, cannot see the value of smart contracts; but flippantly share BLM bullcrap". “It’s like a torrent of shit published minute by minute hour by hour!” Rory and Thomas kept their poker faces while Adelyn blew a big bubble of blue HubbaBubba, seemingly immune to the rhetoric, possibly because she was an Asian woman on loan from the Chinese state department.
"And, what's worst," Sergey continued jumping up and down, his fat violently oozing, his chubby arms flailing wide around, "that Microsoft dude is coming today and I'm just not in the mood to talk about "how much I care about BLM"” Sergey fingered the air overemphasizing the quotes and the problem.
"Aww just focus on your oracles sweetie" said Adelyn cooing, "that's what he's come for. Try and stay focused!"
"yeah focused and 1keoy" thought Sergey. Out loud he said with a wink "You're right my little spelling bee, everyone come over here for a group huddle"
Rory and Thomas looked over at each other and sighed in unison and Adelyn complied with a ‘white people walking past you grimace’ expression on her face.
Each put their hands into the center, "One Two Three, We Just Win" they shouted together smiling the Smart Contract mandated smile

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OP you don't deserve the olive branch the true believers are extending in this thread. go ahead and sell your linkies. i literally don't give a fuck. you are ngmi, even if you choose to hold.
cya fuckers at the yacht party

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pure delusion, you need to take a cold shower op and go easy on the hopium, like for real. there's only 1 (ONE) thing for certain, & that's that there is much MUCH more pain ahead. expect the worse, prepare for it being worser

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l’ve endured 3 years of sybil fud, toiIet fud, JSON parser memes, fake google pnd, 700k dumps, literal dump to zero, fake partnerships (looking at you MOAB), the same slides over and over, stiff competition arriving (BAND, Tellor, UMAprotocol). I’ve endured it all, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. The Link dream is dead friends. We will go down in history as one of the most epic meme campaigns, but unfortunately reality has caught up with us. It was nice knowing you all, l wish you all good luck.

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BTC never had the memes tho

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Guys, I'm /r/ing all the Sergey pasta and the fud pasta that you have. I wanna make a folder with it.

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I recognize you from your prose. The larps are usually pretty clear.. at least it seems that way

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>you could have had 1500 linkies
>instead you have these shitcoins
let this be a lesson to the rest of you

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I think the latest dump brought us from panic to capitulation. Up next is anger at Trump and Libra from the "personalities."

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Everything is a shitcoin except BSV lmao. Imagine holding this.

Here’s the funny this. 99% of you WILL NOT MAKE IT. 99% of you WILL NOT SELL. That’s the best fucking part. Fucking bought 30k of this shit at 50 cents and just sold it all. Putting 50% of it into BSV and the other 50% cashing out.

Feels good to actually make REAL GAINS instead of PAPER GAINS. Keep holding like the little idiots you are. Muh “never selling” until it crashes just like you didn’t sell btc when I told you it’s going to crash at 17k.

Have fun holding worthless bags of a shitcoin that’ll be absolutely annihilated by Craig’s patents. See you at 10k for BSV.

Muh “Craig is a scam”. Yeah he’s such a scam that the “real satoshi” can’t even come out and say it’s not Craig like he did the last time someone was thought to be Satoshi (google Dorian Nakamoto). His keys are unlocked 2020 and BSV still made the highest gains since last month (5x, more than everything in the market despite being high market cap).

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So you’re the sunuvabitch that’s been stealing the towels

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No doubt it's a brilliant idea. The only problem is that LINK was never meant to be a coin. Do you honestly think Wall Street will let NEETS living in their mother's basement run a chainlink node for their billion dollar contracts??
Chainlink is an utility. It's a service not a currency. Instead of pitching his idea to angel investors and receive funding Sergey decided to brand it as a cryptocurrency and have his big payday in advance, on top of free publicity for his product (decentralized smart contracts). The partnerships are meant for companies to learn the technology.
Once the technology is established, Sergey's company will dominate the market of smart contracts. It will have it's own oracle network that will handle all business contracts.

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It's not FUD.
You were all mislead by this guy. He took you all for a ride and you haven't realized it yet.

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with your stinky linkys the day Sergey wears a different shirt to conference?

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