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Cut that out. That's the second time this afternoon you bobos have made me check futures to find you're full of shit. Let me know if it drops below 3180, otherwise it's range bound and I don't care.

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>ACB announces they fucked up
>Drop 5%
>OGI is a good company and could take market shares off them
>Drops 7% simply by beeing in the same industry

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Bery interesting

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Yes, bounce attempt formation opinion is 100% TA based and has no fundamental basis whatsoever. I should put disclaimers about that when I post about stonks I'm maybe potentially possibly eyeing for a something or other trade.

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It's not entirely wrong. The situation is more complicated than that but yes, central banks and governments intentionally goose their markets to make the numbers go up most of the time. Intraday vs. overnight thesis is... meh. More important question about all this is, does it matter to your trading strategy? It makes zero difference to my strategy whether the markets are ""organic"" (amateur tip: they never are) or the average result of a series of major money movers pushing stuff around sometimes successfully sometimes not.

""Organic""" economy will always cease to exist when derivatives enter the equation. Meaning as soon as you have a market where you can bet on movement without necessarily owning the thing you're betting on, you've got manipulation. Arguably there is manipulation aplenty even in some kind of hypothetical market where you can only buy and sell common shares straight up, or even commodities for that matter including a market where you must take physical possession of the commodity before you flip it on to the next guy. Nope, scratch all that. Organic market does not exist and never has. Get off your high horse and come play with us in the mud.

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I have a friend who has recently started making a decent sum of money, roughly $10,000-$30,000 a week.

Now the only problem is that all that cash was made through somewhat less than legal means, and is entirely in hard cash. My friend has very little experience with banks or credit unions. He's rather uneducated, and doesn't know a thing about finances, taxes etc.

He recently got a part-time job that pays minimum wage in order to explain his income, but he's worried storing that much money in a bank account will arose suspicion.

Any advice on how he can safely and discreetly store his money? Preferably protecting it from being seized in the event of him getting apprehended by law enforcement.

Also advice on any fully legit investments he could put his money into so he could transition into a fully law-abiding citizen

>inb4 FBI

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