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Buying african nigger coins

Kill yourselves unironically

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>functional descriptions
idk I guess it's enough if you're somewhat good with words and grammar plus you've got the technical know-how/knowledge about the process/sequence/whatever it is you're writing about.
>robot programming
basic programming knowledge+probably some level of understanding about electrical/pneumatics diagrams and a fuckton of manuals is enough to get started lol. also helps if you're familiar with fieldbuses/their configuration, and maybe signal scaling but for everything else there's always a manual.
I've had to deal with machine vision, force sensors/force control, external axes configuration/programming, safety configurations and other shit, but it's always nicer if the applications are simple and none of that shit is needed lol

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>You had decades to invest in tech, crypto, gaming, etc.
I ignored crypto threads on 4chan for about 8 years. Boomers are narcissistic, but I am also very, very retarded.

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Life only gets worse fren. Ever since i graduated its been all downhill

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Just bought a house and my neighbor has a dirt road on my property running next to my house back to their property when there is a dead end main road the length of their property but theres no entrance along it because its wooded for a few feet.

How do i tell this guy im closing his little road and he can go fuck himself? Will i get killed over this? Idk why some hick retard thinks its okay to have his road on his neighbors property right next to my fucking house

Whats wrong with these people? Do i just tell him roads closed time to clear some trees?

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I live with my parents bros and i cannot stand the constant shitfits my mother throws over the smallest thing. Anything sets her off and she immediately gets drunk as fuck starts screaming about selling the house and moving away and talking to herself etc etc. This upsets me so much and ruins my day all the time. Did anyone else go through this insane shit? Im looking at a house for $30 right now i could buy and may ask the realtor to set up an appointment tom. Its a fucking shack out in whoville but it does have a nice yard. Ill probably move there and be even more alone and depressed as theres nothing around here. Only thing keeping me sane was my family and the garden im growing but thats done for it seems

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Do you niggers know anything about FIFO work in Australia or Canada? Can i really make $120k a year working 12 hours a day 14 days on 14 off? Anyone done this? Sounds kino. My office job really isnt cutting it. I want to get out in the world, work with MEN, and make some serious money.

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Bros when the FUCK is the GSR going to go back to a normal range? Its at 90 rn

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Sumbody tell lil nas x
Im tryna do anal sex
Hit man in da bum
Try make a man cum

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