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Investment in new projects requires patience and strong hands. GRT is a bluechip token. It will form part of the infrastructure of web 3.0,paving the way for gains the likes of which so many feeble minds on /biz/ cannot conceive of. GRT will spread to other blockchains and platforms in such a manner that it can only be compared to Rome at the peak of it's imperial prowess, with the only different being that GRT will NOT collapse. It will continue to march forth and evolve with mankind as we embark on an epoch of space-faring expansion. The descendants of bag holders will enjoy positions of aristocratic status in the new technocracy for generations to come. Meanwhile, no-bag fags will end themselves when this moons. Consider yourselves warned.

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Weak hands waste away in regret. When the night grows cold, look up to the moon. If you look closely, you will see me and my fellow Giga GRT Chads waving at you from our celestial mansion of gains.

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