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The lockup period on DASH ends at the beginning of the trading day on the 9th. Is it worth buying puts for similar price action to PLTR, or is that priced in already?

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If this is built on IPFS, what is the purpose of the libp2p network? Why not just use js-ipfs? How do you ensure that other users' limited browser cache space is used responsibly? Where does the SAV3 token come into use, if at all? If a user closes the tab, who will pin their content?
>(FAQ) There are no servers.
Except for the webrtc signalling server?

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>mfw I bought it and made money

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>$135k in crypto
>haven't upgraded PC since 2009

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If i have a hot take, it's that I'm literally going to play that schizo thread.
>four months of volatility plays and swings
>one month of health care and diversified miners
>ride out heavy weight on PM miners, hardly any cash/hedges.
Less out in left field
>watching JPM and AXP for foreign market penetration
>Entries start about 20% lower than current price however.
>XLU will likely go sub 50 and be a great deflationary/cyclical play
>fallen angel risk and general low yields make corp bonds relatively risky, equities are likely better for entry right now (no i don't support TINA) if you're waiting to enter. make sure to time well or hedge your bets.

i thought this ended with the framed powell, but i remembered wrong.

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>sophisticated investors

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i just sold everything i had in crypto because i want to buy back in at 5000 or lower.
am i retarded?

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