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>tfw stopped going to the gym to day trade
>gave up on most social interaction too
>started eating fast and cheap takeout food, too lazy and too much mind fog over staring at charts on the daily
when satoshisync comes out and i can secure another x10 i will stop and rejoin society i swear to god i cant keep doing this much longer

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anon i literally opened the long hours ago just before the move i know all these other shitcoins that /biz/ shilled back in the day and made me money but those are all dead and old coins now this is a new shitcoin in a bear market that's going to make us rich it's a memecoin from the oldest meme website /b/ where the strongest memes are forged in fire and /b/ will protect this memecoin we can't fail

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lmfao this guy is a literal normie retard you think that inflation is going to be the trigger for the fed to pivot and save your overleveraged ass have fun never making back your loss when the market tanks because the economy is in shambles you know what is the fed pivot is actually going to trigger a major stock market crash that will then turn into a liquidity crisis once we run out of a credit supply and the whole system is exposed thats when we will have hyperinflation

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