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i want to have a little bit of land with a nice pond and geese when i make it but i live in the suburbs and know nothing about living off the land and have never been the outdoorsy type, but always wished i was.
i just think geese and chickens are very cute. i want some one day...but will that day ever come? I don't know.

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Well fucksake, I sank $8k into this

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>if you have a decent amount just wait for now anon
Each time i think my stack is big enough, the minute i get some spare cash i look at my stack again and i find it still miss a little bit more to be decent.

I think i may be addicted to stacking fren...

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How much bitcoin do you need to end porn addiction

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What stock would let me recoup my GME losses the quickest?

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Oh...I see,
Well, I wish you fellas the best, at least.

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>"your funds will become available to trade two business days after the funds leave your bank account."
it was ogre for me before it even began. may you all receive huge gains without me.

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I'm not a burger. I hold a lot of growth stocks in my own country. My broker doesn't any of those. I want some exposure to the US market, dividend or not.

Also, many stocks in my country are basically penny stocks so it's easy to buy more stock with small dividends.

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jokes on you, I'm back in 5 digit hell after the slight retrace after last night's pump.
Fucking crazy seeing shit like my portfolio violently swinging up +$18,000 and then -$10,000 all in a single night

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But we are going into a second lockdown all across Canada surely there will be another dip...

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i sold at 45 kmn

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It's like you faggots don't even enjoy trip 7's anymore

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>need ETH to be $3000+ to make it
>it can't even break $500 with 2.0 a week away

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>measured my dick
>still looks like a tiny pencildick

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>we'll be very, VERY lucky just to see a mere 5x from here
fuck, being a laggard hurts so fucking bad

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White people are better in every way i fucking hate being the only black person among my white frens here in austria, with every moment i see that they are better people in every fucking way, how to profit from this?

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>longed BTC and ETH with leverage
>got liquidated on the dump today
>cash gang on stocks going into election so I missed the last week of pumps
I don't think this game is for me.

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Just fucking say it

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Its too late isn't... I should have bought crypto when it was 500 I was lurking biz and was inclined to buy atleast 1 coin... but then my friend said "dont ever take investment advise from 4chan" ... what a piece of shit, hope he get aids.

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>Just get a better paying job

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