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I worked two years as a lab tech in a private school for 2 years while I sorted my shit out and shit was so unbelievably cash it's unreal.
>Term-time only working (16 weeks holiday).
>3 weeks off easter, 3 christmas and 7 summer + half term
>Barely any work around exam time
>Start 8:30, finish 4pm
>No extra work outside of those hours at all
>Free lunch at the canteen
>Don't have to really interact with the students
>Had my own lab, organise how I wanted it and nobody else disturbed it
>Completely self directed work, just teachers coming in asking to prepare shit for lessons every now and then
>Work was actually fun, dicking around with chemicals all day
>Could prepare the week worth of work on the Friday and then chill out first half of the week

Only issue was that pay was ass, but I've never been fitter and happier. Had to leave to try and pursue a business, but that's the best job I'm ever going to have.

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thanks fren, sometimes just knowing someone else on the other side of the planet truly understands what it's like is enough to keep you pushing.

good thread OP

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Making it:
>able to buy good produce at all times, satisfying and nourishing diet
>owning your home outright and not being tied to a lifelong debt (mortgage), maintain it and the environment around it
>be a valuable member of a community and support charitable organisations where you can see the direct impact of your money, time or expertise
>able to support your parents and give them a good life as they age, social network also important for this not just money
>able to afford to have a family and provide education, sports opportunities and transmit values to your kids, also needs time
>able to go on holidays and visit interesting parts of the world without work and money constraints
>able to develop intellectual interests and practical interests without significant financial or time constraints

Making it probably costs around $2-3M and maybe 10% of that each year, but it is much more than that. True making it being able to overconsoome, but having the restraint to set your own terms and focus more on what you produce than consoom.

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I'll suggest a way of looking at it that you might not get from others in the thread.

When you are starting a business, you are faced with an incredibly steep learning curve at the start. Bookkeeping, accounting, compliance, product development, brand development, website, marketing, hiring, selling, etc. You don't know jack shit about any of this stuff and you're basically leaning on the job with whatever experience, connections and capital you have with you to lean on while you figure this shit out.

On top of this, you don't really know what is going to stick or what your target customer wants and is willing to actually fork out some cash for.

Learning this in a very harsh environment when there is not huge economic growth, more limited discretionary spending and fewer distortions from companies that can access credit with much more favourable conditions means that your business is actually going to have a much stronger foundation and less likely to get fucked than if it were built in an environment where all those conditions are opposite.

I think this is the main reason that it's a great macro environment (as in dogshit conditions) to start or try to grow a business. Of course you still have to look at the micro and also how the macro might end up affecting your micro (eg. fuel prices continue to rise, staff shortages) but assuming that bad macro = bad micro automatically is very dumb, being an entrepreneur anyway is about spotting opportunities in the market anyway that others haven't capitalised on.

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the world is kind of fucky, but it's changing. How will it change? Who knows, we're clearly out of idealism, nobody has any idea for a brighter future, but that just means new ideas or technologies will come into place or maybe we've reached a temporary plateau.

Either way, you're going to die anyway you might as well see how the film ends. Maybe you're just an extra in human existance, but so is everyone in the grand scheme of things so don't be so harsh on yourself and take some time to find some things that you value and cultivate them.

If that thing is money, chances are you're not going to be very happy anyway, the best you could hope for is just rich.

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not in your position but I was 16/17 when I saw my parent's business basically implode as a direct consequence to 2008. I could see the stress being unbearable for my dad in particular, I'd sometimes wake up at 3 or 4am and he was just sitting in the dark with a drink. The business lasted a couple of years before he basically handed the keys to someone else and sold it for just enough to cover the debts but not outstanding taxes.

12 years on, he's totally content and happy as a middle management wagie because he doesn't have to deal with the crushing pressure of trying to run a failing business and have it support a family.

I've started a business myself and he is very happy for me and encouraging, his experience hasn't soured his outlook on life and in the end most oldies are just happy that their kids are healthy and happy, everything else is secondary.

Give him a chat, everyone has low points and bringing them to light can't do any harm. He probably has some good stories and it'll get you closer. Life's fast anon.

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