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>Juror duty awaits you!

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>The blockchain evidence, the fact that for almost a year multiple accounts have been sending UBI to the account also funding this applicant, suggests this is a sockpuppet farm and possible attack on governance. The rules of the DAO I, The Juror Excellency, that I enforce with My Strong Fists of Firely Justice, do allow this kind of behaviour as this case asks if this person, 1259, has a legal situation for application. And due to video evidence being posted and the rules by the DAO binding my hands as Juror for this case I need really just say that with possibility of governance attack I need pass Judgement as "YES"

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what were we thinking…

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>Juror duty awaits you!
>You have been drawn in case #1251. Voting starts in a week.

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Yeah....eth gas fees keep raping me. Fucking Money Skelly!

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Well given it's close to its ICO price, this is a low risk high reward scenario, according to the TA, happy trading, sir.

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>proof of humanity delayed
>team blowing ico money and european grant on wine while playing assassins creed
What the fuck did you make me buy into you sick fucks

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So let me get this straight, rape is a criminal offensive and punishable by law?
But killing and skinning real animals isn't?

What's the logic behind this? Women have some of the most juiciest and delicious meat out there but we're not allowed to kill and eat them?

Fuck, this is bullshit. All i ever wanted was to take a bit of some sweet thick female meat. Especially the younger teeny ones, whenever i see some walking by i just start to drool in my mouth.

All i can ever think about is taking a big fat bite out of a thick girly leg, the amazing tender taste. Being soaked in her hot spicy blood while you enjoy her desperate cries and screams of her immeasurable pain.

Damn, there's nothing i wouldn't do to enjoy that kind of appetizing experience.

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Anyone else buying the dip?
>the whale finished dumping his pinkies today
>PoH this week
Cant go wrong its an easy x3

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Checked. Sorry sweaty, Pajeet meme larping is a PNK thing. Delet this or I will sue you in kleros court

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Yeah, that's actually not a bad way of looking at it, it's the equivalent of gold right now :^)

Does somebody have a picture of the kleros snail pajeet?

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>no cases in literal weeks
>no cex and no intention of getting on one
>one whale has us by the balls causing it to dump from 0.16 to 0.07
>staking passed but the team.does not even care to advertise it
>febraury is almost over and no PoH
>absolutely zero marketing, combine this with being highly dependant on gas fees and the fact this token success depends on a high juror pool and we are pretty much dead
Also, team blowing ico money on booze rather than on marketing, pretending they are working towards the project

I think we are done guys. Was nice being a pretend pajeet with you.

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I'm beginning to doubt whether or not Kleros and more specifically the PNK token are good or not

It makes so much sense but the price action just isn't there

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Sirs I insist you delet this internet post. My village is starving and we need all the funding we can get,, shiiva has blessed kleros will moon like might Taj Mahal,, fuck you dog bitch motherfucking bastards ,,

With Love, Rajneesh

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It was fun while it lasted
The omen thing was the final straw for me, it was resolved incorrectly. It's a shame it ended like that, it was a good idea.

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i told you sirs kleros would do the same thing this bullrun LINK did the l ast. once my stinky bags are $200 per token i will be buying my 1m all u can eat curry stack

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Should I wait for a dip to buy more or will alt season just pump this before it moons naturally?

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I've been pondering a bit as of lately.

There’s no way anybody is going to trust some neet jurors to decide on their cases. I mean seriously, who is going to put their faith into a bunch of dormant incels that live on a basket weaving forum? And for that reason, I just sold all of my pnk. Goodluck judge Judies.

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tether fud got me scared sirs. converted all my PNK to UDSC for the time being

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