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Everyone is holding their breath on the ETF decision it seems

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Parts and parcels of being yuropoor my fren

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You have 2 years left at best, mudblood. Stop shitting your pants out of fear, it's too late for the regrets.
Now, tell me your country, and i'll show you the official data related to the excess mortality there.

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It is. Median salary is 1800€/mo here. Mutts never believes me when i tell them how literal hobo-tier we are. And cost of life is even worse than yours (clothes, gas, electricity, junk food, etc.. all x2-3 more expensive). A cheeseburger at mcdonald is 3.15€ where i live lol. A waitress in Jew York make at least twice my ingenior salary just in tips.
We got raped to DEATH ever since the (((euro))) was forced upon us.
t. frog

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Sometimes you just gotta accept the loss and move on to greener pastures.

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ygmi bro. Just hold onto it, you'll be roping if u sell now and it recovers in 2 weeks tops lmao

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Save it. You won't love it as much when you look back at how you decided to took advantage of this unprecedented bullrun.
>Daddy why didn't you get rich when the entire world shifted to a new monetary system and smart contracts brought the fourth industrial revolution forward? You didn't have any bitcoin, ethereum, link?
>I'm sorry son, your dad was holding Rubic the whole time, and was diagnosed as medically retarded shortly afterwards.

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this is the worst chart i've ever seen in my life
only totally retarded newfags could pump such heavy bags, and there are none left because you've all already bought

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kek, here's a scared little one. now now anon, there's still time. your bags are likely pumped and the real excitement is still ahead of the Cardano train. you still have time to switch trains, although buying that 90 cent ADA probably hurts a bit when you could have gotten in a 4-5 cents several months back.

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>$30 x 300 = $9000
>1bn total supply
>9 trillion mcap

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>The most decentralised
Foundation has most of the nodes rn, they can even hardcode blocks ffs
>The highest throughput
7x its rivals, I'll give you that
>The fastest finality
Unless there's ATH traffic, then finality might be 3 days, with an extra chance of a lottery mint
>The cheapest fees
Easy to be cheap when you're using postdoc and intern devs, and your marketing team are airdropped europoor shills
>more deflationary than Bitcoin
Unless there is some lag, then you might have random 7x inflation

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Almost everyone who bought around $2-4 has already sold, and the rest will follow once CZ finally enables deposits again. Those were the anons responsible for the influx of memes during the pump.
Only ico buyers and europoors with airdropped validators are left holding, and they have to regurgitate memes, since when they try to push new ones they tend to ESL-fud themselves kek

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Anywhere on thst chart higher on the Y axis than 2021 would take longer to pay than a house bought in 2021 would.
Don't underestimate the impact of interest rates. If your interest rate was fixed at 10% on a $200K house for a standard 30 year term you'd end up paying ~$630K compared to a 2% interest rate fixed on the same house for the same 30 year term which would result in you paying ~$266K.

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>price is what decides how good
Yes, that's the entire point of valuation. Price wildly over or under genuine value corrects over time.

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>The worst part is I just got my a more expensive apartment and a car just before all this.
That's what really screws people up. Instead of living like they did when they first started working people tend to expand their spending as their career progresses and they're paid more money making it so even the six figure salary managers and directors end up broke when the cash supply they got used to suddenly stops and their bills are now far higher than before they got the job.
Part of why you should stop renting and get a decent single family house while your job still exists and you have the money for the down payment. It's a lot easier to keep your house by working out a new payment plan with your lender than it is to avoid eviction from your apartment since you actually own the house, the lender has to go through a lot more trouble to get ownership transferred away from you, and the lender has a lot more to lose if you still have most of your mortgage not yet paid down (even with PMI the lender still take a bad hit any time a borrower stops paying the lender while the lender still holds the majority of the cost burden).
Plus obviously if you're somewhere like the US where 30 year fixed mortgages are standard then you're locking in how expensive it is when you pay each month for decades to come while renting an apartment means you'll likely see increasing cost of rent as time goes by.
Granted your property taxes can go up every few years when your city or county does a new appraisal but for most people escrowing that annual property tax amounts to a very small portion of your monthly expenses and unlike with rent there's a standard process you can participate in after each new tax appraisal to contest it and get your tax burden cut back down again. And you're paying for property taxes even when you rent since the landlord will use your money to pay their own property taxes.

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Go read about the people who escapes Saigon in 1975. Cost of your boat ride to freedom was about 1 ounce of gold.
Similar deals with Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany, etc.
Horses still have plenty of value. The 2000 Kentucky Derby winner sold for $70,000,000, and non-famous steeds have six figure marker values. Cars are mostly awful as investments and start losing value the second you drive them off the lot.

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>not made out of cardboard
If you mean "made out of brick without drywall or wood framing" you're mistaken.
Almost all American houses with brick exteriors are brick veneer / siding i.e. same material for the house itself but there's an outer layer of non-loadbearing brick.
>Outside, a large front lawn, low-maintenance brick siding and a rocking-chair front porch create lovely curb appeal.
>brick siding
Nothing wrong with that by the way. The "brick or it's bad" meme is retarded.

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I feel for you anon. I wonder if this is like some kind of modern initiation into manhood.
The second time caused a hardening in me. I can see it in my face, life just became easier and I started to observe more.
I'm lucky I have a lot of family around me but if I was on my own I would feel it a bit. We are meant to have families. I don't know how to go about having kids one day... but I will never get married.

I refuse to hate women though. I feel that rising up in me every now and then from what I see but I wont allow it. I don't know why but I think the second I start to hate them I'll somehow become lesser..

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That's by design
If everyone sits on money and does nothing with it you have no economy.
Inflation keeps people spending by making your wealth disintegrate if you don't use it.
Similarly inflation reduces debt for debtors (your amount owed remains $X in nominal terms, but that nominal amount corresponds to an increasingly smaller real value amount). Which again encourages spending or investing over hoarding cash.

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where did you buy avax? i bought from voyager and currently regretting it bc i cant withdraw

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fuck society. You owe it nothing its betrayed us and wants us dead.
But you are not hated anon.
>I don't hate you fren.

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Lenders check for something like 3 years of steady employment as part of their requirements before they can approve you.
Also you need good credit history (no credit history is not good credit history FYI).

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>He's still falling for the tether fud meme

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