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That CNN price isn’t right. It’s more like 6 or 7. They had their shareholder meeting Friday. Things are shipping out their first preorders August. Going to ride the wave.

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WATT to 6 EOW. Get on the shuttle now bro’s, it leaves soon

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The time is nigh. Load the bull...

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Well, bro’s. I sold my NIO at $15 (bought in at 8). Investing in China might not be American but these USD’s sure fucking are. Keep sucking that horse cock faggots. Put all my profits into WATT immediately after. Already up. 5%

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Absolutely based. WKHS faggots are roping themselves at the end of the week lmao. Who has their ticket for the NIO moon mission?

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mfw i picked up a big boi bag at 5.5 cents in a hypnogogic state at 2am after being struck by an exotic biz induced premonition. maybe it was clairvoyance, maybe it was the iced tea and vape juice, but i'm comfy either way.

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what about keepkey lmao

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Your Microsoft Word document? Give me a break nigger

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But unreal 5 demo is so sexy looking...


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Invest 350k (cont)
Hey /biz/ yesterday I made a thread where I told you about my situation.
This being me getting alot of corona-bucks from my grandfather.
How can I invest 350k and never be a wagecuck? I am a 20yo student from Europe

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I use Face ID most of the time. However, there’s too much sensitive data. ID, financials, etc. But just as a rule of thumb - I don’t want any trouble, either. Nobody’s getting in.
You don’t drink - haven’t drank enough one night. I used to use a 64 character Adobe Photoshop Seed as my WiFi password and memorized it after a couple of days. I’m good with that kinda shit, but like I said. Get slam-fucking-hammered and see what happens.

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new insights article

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Hey /biz/ what will happen with the bitcoin halving.
Will eth become the rightfull nr1 ?
what holdings will be most valuable ?

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>mfw spent most of last night edging for hours without ever cumming in order to charge muh j. o. crystal and sent all of the pressure downwards into & through the earth to krakatoa which blew it's load cuz I didn't blow my load
Alright; what's the next step to cross off of the list of things to do in order to cause [redacted]?

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Now is actually a good time to buy. It just fucking dumped. If it goes under 3000 it is an obvious buy, but even right now it's good.

I only had enough money for 10,000 OGN tokens when I picked them up a little while ago. Do you think that's enough to make it? I can't invest anymore.

To me this is a no-brained of a project. The only issue is that crypto is irrational and having an actual working product is no guarantee of success (see Siacoin, FunFair, and others).

I'm just surprised this hasn't been shilled on /biz/ yet. It seems so easy to shill because it's actually a good project. I can't tell if no one's interested or if people are still accumulating and that's why it hasn't been shilled. Based thread btw

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lemme just dust off this old peepee meme
for real though

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+100% monday incoming

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I never lose, always making comfy gains. Stay poor, you pathetic worm.

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>85% ICX
>15% ALGO

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It's not just the team now. S-Korean government is in this too.

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