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Keep that motherfuckin' ffh shh ffhu hehh
That fuckin' fhew hehh
That motherfuckin' ffhi ffhi ffhi hehh
That ffhi ffhi ffhi pfh pfh it go pfh pfhi pfhu hehhh
Right at your dome ffhi fffh ffhi
It gon' hit your dome hehh pfhh ffhi ffhhu ffh ffhi ffhu

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First off fuck mumus
Yea whats up mumu
SEC ruling coming quick so don't try your luck nigger

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Fuck niggers
and Fuck these Bitches
Me I switch em like whips I dont love these bitches

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No 401k insurance or a pension
What I spent on a watch I coulda paid tuition
What I spent on a piece I coulda got a house
I coulda had a job but I went the other route

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My names super bobo whats yours
Diamond? I like that name
I hope this don't offend you, but uh, I couldn't help but notice your Mumu's pockets was low
And with a girl this fine that oughta be a crime
But God sent me here to bless you
It's a rich Bobo to your rescue

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I make threads for Bobos that live that life and that bad ass bitch that got yoga tonight
If you don't like my shit then turn this off either way I'm gonna make some bands tonight

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You don't have shit you can call your own
What I spent on my chain I could have bought a foreclosed home
Big Boi money you spending little boy cash
Your paper is limited
I want it I spend it
My monthly income man that shit is ridiculous

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