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>What should I invest as someone with small budget?

>I'm from Argentina and not born in some rich family so naturally I struggle a lot here, and I'm getting into crypto. I have been reading this board for months and most of my savings are in ETH and Chainlink rn... I also had the og pepes for awhile and I wish I didn't listen when they told me it was a scam when I bought them at cents as they are now 1.14 USD... but for ETH it seems you need a really big budget to make money out of it, and for chainlink it seems to not be as trustworthy as I was told. So I was reading that AVI was a good investment here yesterday but now when I tried to invest some of my ETH into AVI I realized that the gas fee was like $45 and thats TOO MUCH, almost as much as the amount I want to buy lol. Others say to buy kaspa but not sure how reliable it is/how much the fees are (also unsure how to buy it I've made a kaspa wallet but can't find a way to swap other crypto for kaspa), so if I'm willing to use 100 USD of saving to invest which coin would it be the best? One that isn't a scam and can guarantee good money in future

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>stock market
>stock market: JAPAN

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> 2023 recap
> >start investing for first time in pandemic era
> >didn't know what I was doing
> >went up to $50k despite some shotty choices
> >poor fag so that's the most I've ever had at once
> >didn't sell during last peak
> >rode all the way to the bottom and had to sell due to losing job at the time
> >learned a lot since along the way
> >seems like its par for the course to lose in the beginning
> >decided for my mental health I would take a break from browsing this place religiously and staring at chart
> >just let it go
> >it's been a year since browsing /biz/, missed most of 2023
> >increased my income drastically since, quit weed and had a kid
> >feel like this is the year, this is the time
> I'm back and I'm ready to make it this time guys. What did I miss? What are the hot coins now? Are we still hyped for ICP?

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>Singularity is upon us
>Finally after 7 years of holding we're finally moving in the right direction to dominate the top of the chart.... thought no one lmao, look at this failure, lots of buzzwords but zero positive movement, just another 7 years marines keep HODLING!

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>Finally after 7 years of holding we're finally moving in the right direction to dominate the top of the chart.... thought no one lmao, look at this failure, lots of buzzwords but zero positive movement, just another 7 years marines keep HODLING!
>Finally after 7 years of holding we're finally moving in the right direction to dominate the top of the chart.... thought no one lmao, look at this failure, lots of buzzwords but zero positive movement, just another 7 years marines keep HODLING!

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>duuude just change reality by randomly doodling on the chart

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>Biotech PhD here. Sorry to break it to you but a masters ain't going to cut it. That's the bottom of the barrel in life sciences. Heck, even half of the PhDs are garbage.

>But sounds like you are trying to enter a law related subfield? Maybe get some qualifications related to patents or property rights first.

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>no no no don't fact check and contradict my retardation... that's.... that's so reddit!!!

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> Financially speaking, should I move in with my Girlfriend’s parents?

> >be me
> >gf and I live together in major US city
> >1bed+den/1ba in very nice neighorhood
> >between the two of us housing costs are about $2600/mo
> >I pay the majority of that, ~1600/mo
> >great area
> >plenty of stuff to do
> >close to work, gym, train, etc
> >crucially, I don’t have a car right now (don’t need one with how convenient the area is) but gf does and I use it on occasion
> Anyway, long story short:
> >gf’s parents live in incredibly wealthy suburb about an hour north of the city we live in
> >live in modest but nice house with plenty of space (they’re empty nesters now)
> >staying up here for thanksgiving and there’s plenty of space
> >they offered to let us move into the granny flat above their garage (1 bed, 1 bath, bonus room) FOR FREE
> >with just the cost of saving my existing housing payment, I could save 30-40k by the time we’d be in a position to buy a place of our own
> >would need to commute (likely on train) and have a car again, but only once or twice a week
> >parents are pretty nice people, probably wouldn’t bother us much other than have dinner with us every night which is fine imo

> What do you all think? We’d be losing a lot of freedom, but holy shit imagine how much I could save in that time if we’re just there for a year or two. And that’s on top od what I’m already saving for retirement.

> Seems like an excellent opportunity, certainly financially. Anything I should take into account that I haven’t thus far?

> Also for reference, I’m in tech sales and will make about 130k this year

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> @agirlwithlink

> She used to shill Chainlink

> Anyone know what her socials are? Any content from her?

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>Reminder to not take things to seriously, and to start living your Real Life now.

>Travel somewhere exotic alone for a few weeks, go on a trip with your frens. Take a beautiful woman out to dinner.

>You never know when your coin is going to moon, if ever - you don't want to look back and realize you never started to live.

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>- glayer gais onf beekly
>- mayer logs on pooply
>- galving
>- shlog fgb
>- deklettyon der gheproopim

>Bet gegoll tur dedish. Bop Kruks wub blipt, glom zwodl poxi bno fropwa klamb.

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>A saw a female standing at the top of the aisle in the supermarket smiling at me (Qt 8/10 btw). Awkwardly smiled back and walked past her to get to the aisle and continue shopping. Turns out the female had done an enormous fart and stank out the entire aisle (no one else was there, it had to have been her). I was visibly stunned and the lady behind the till asked me if I was ok. I was trying to find a baby nappy or something on the floor to cope with the idea that a female can fart that bad

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>Post jaks for my jak folder prease

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>I only visit /biz/ for /pmg/

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My ass feels AMAZING right now.

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My ass feels AMAZING right now.

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>Buying a business?

>Anyone here successfully bought an existing business and open to answering some questions? I would prefer to be able to email you (obviously you can give me a proton or bullshit email here) so we can continue a conversation but for starters:

>1. Do you think it was the right move vs. starting a business from scratch, and why?
>2. How did you go about finding the business itself?
>3. How the fuck do you actually gain confidence during due diligence that you're getting a good deal? Is there any sort of "gold standard" I should be looking for in terms of YoY revenue growth, revenue/profit:price ratio, etc.?

>I've actually read books about this shit but still feel like a fish out of water, looking for a mentor in a sense.

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>I'm looking to expand my small cabinetry installation business with 1-2 office staff, and I've never really hired any white collar workers before. What are some legal questions I can ask to determine if they are faggots or not? A lot of kids don't have facebook anymore these days.

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>OK, real talk. Who is behind this? CEXs? The same entity behind SHIB? Please, post any speculations or evidence regarding the people/companies behind the organic pump.

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>For me, it's 50/50. Faggot.

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