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OP has literally never been to GitHub to witness thousands of autists making passion projects purely out of their love of building something that they want to exist and doesn't exist get.

Mother fucker I put Homebrew on all my game consoles. Homebrew devs don't work their assess off for $300k salaries, they do it for the challenge, clout, and fun of it. I personally script a lot of shit myself for fun. This may be an alien concept for some of you, but challenging yourself is actually pretty entertaining. It's just most of the shitty dead end desk jobs filled with pointless tasks zap the motivation and energy from everyone. Sure most people are still going to do nothing, but guess what? Most people literally contribute nothing in the grand scheme of things anyway, so it really has no fucking difference on the end result. Everyone at my office can have their jobs easily automated away, literally nobody is needed. I myself have automated huge portions of their jobs for them, and I don't get extra compensation for that shit. I just wanna prove it can be done, and don't like seeing blatantly inefficient tasks be done over and over.

Like, you know how your grandma may type "www.google.com" into the fucking Google search bar, click the first link to get google.com, and then type on what she really wants to search? It's annoying to see, at some point you're gonna wanna correct that stupidity. That kind of feeling is what drives you, money is kind of an after thought. Programming can be FUN. If you don't believe me, just load up Baba Is You and tell me it doesn't give you a dopamine rush when you find the solution.

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You hold until the entire market gets back on its feet. Nothing is safe right now unless you have a crystal ball.

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it's a fucking chart. what are you going to pay for, governance on deciding pink and blue candles?

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what does this coin do? let you vote for candle colors? it's a fucking chart.

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Okay but do we need a coin for smart contracts? Do you not think other companies would just develop their own protocols to use? Chainlink is open source so anyone can just make their own version anyway legally....

You lost. give up. This is a Uni board now. Chainlink is now boomer tier. If you unironically hold Chainlink you are a boomer. Get with the time, Gramps.

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what the hell is her problem?

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