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You need $2,000,000 to live a lower middle class lifestyle without working if you use the 3% rule, and that might not even be enough if inflation continues.

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Fuck. I left 4chan to do more meaningful things for a couple years and now I can't even get erections. (I stopped fapping and didn't get laid)
How do i benefit from this, investment wise?

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everyone is already rich and has made it off crypto except for me. i've wasted my prime years finding moonshots and only putting in $10 because i'm a fucking pussy and if that wasn't the worst, i'm now forced to give up 80% of my day, my dreams, and goals for a fucking job. what a waste of what could've been a great life.

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i dreamed about being extremely wealthy when i was a kid. i am now 27 and dream of owning a shoebox apartment one day

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i'm giving myself until the end of the day to find a 1000x

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i miss every moonshot shilled here

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the sol shitcoin casino is dead. whoever the whale groups were have moved on. i can just feel it.

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Not even close

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fuck shitcoins, scammers andd all you faggotstts

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its over. bitcoin will dump by morning.

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kms at 6pm today because i have missed every single fucking memecoin this bullrun and ultimately my last chance to make it.

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>missed btc
>missed eth
>missed shib
>missed pepe
>missed dogwifhat
>missed avi
>missed every fucking meme potential

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>fall asleep last night dreaming of all goals i want to achieve tomorrow
>wake up, log into biz, stare at charts, incapable of moving an ounce of motivation
why the fuck is my mind like this?

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is it even possible to secure a job anymore or am i going to have to start door dashing and making high-risk gambles?

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>accidentally clicked in my portfolio

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bitcoin peaked before the halving for the first time in history. its fucking over. what a weak bullrun. so fucking stupid.

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>$17 LINK order didn't fill
its over

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>btc was $900 when trump was elected

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i panick sold at 69k

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the early 1000-10000x make it gains have already been had

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there will never be another correction. no more golden buy opportunities. only option left is to buy the bags of some big dick chad so they can live their best life off the back of your hard earned money. fuck this world. i'm out.

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its never going to correct again. the ship has sailed. the last opportunity to make it has been lost. i genuinely have no idea how the fuck i can cope with this. i stare at these charts every fucking day. i come to this cesspool every fucking day. and i listened to the fud. fell for analysis paralysis and now all my hope at a decent life is gone. holy fuck i can't believe i'm so fucking retarded. biggest opportunity cost in my entire life.

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there's nothing left to buy. all the 10, 100, 1000x gains have already been had. buying anything now is just picking up peanuts for insurmountable risk. its not worth it. it's fucking over. the make it gains are gone. this reality is so fucking painful to live in.

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>one middle class 4-bedroom house is about to cost $1,000,000 US Dollars

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