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Anon, I'm sorry, Lum lied to you.

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Anons pimp your mom and sister out for a few ounces of sliver per screw while you can, soon all you will manage is a mercury dime

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Also just mentioning, the reason why this stuff seems "too good to be true" is exactly because of IL. These platforms NEED you to provide liquidity for then to work. But WHO THE FUCK would take on the risk of IL for free? So in order to give you motivation to do so, they provide a hefty reward in exchange for providing liquidity. That's your paycheck - you get paid for giving the platform a critical piece it needs to work. IL isn't scary when you understand how it all works in context with the entire ecosystem but too many people tunnel vision on a negative number without actually calculating the overall net gains. This is rally smart economics at work but it's not complicated when you just take the time to piece it together.

I try not to price predict because it has too much focus on short term. Projects like this are long term and will definitely have high and low periods. I didn't get shaken out when it dipped from $150 to $60, nd I expect it to remain at these levels until the new pool comes out to potentially give it a boost. $200 by next month isn't out of the question but it depends if they're able to meet their targets on the layered farming idea they have on the roadmap.

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Any books or resources you'd recommend a rank amateur in crypto pick up?

Bought in basically randomly in December. I made $1k on a $4k investment on GRT over the span of two months, felt good for a day after selling, and felt awful when GRT moon'd like a week later (missed the chance to make like $13k).

There's clearly a few mathematical frameworks to use to inform buying and selling with crypto due to the predictable supply variants, etc, and I'm dying to discover more of those models. making money iz fun

Also building on what >>29278165 asked; what exchange do you recommend? I have to imagine you trade more than BTC with how knowledgeable you are

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1.2 million, which i can retire on, won't completely cash out of crypto though, might keep 200k in

I'm an engineer, and I really enjoy it when times are good, so I'll probably do contract work on and off, just want enough "fuck you" money to be able to leave a job when things start sucking

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man i came to the thread to see how the coping was going and yall on full schitzo mode lol. to what date is the squeeze delayed to now lads? lmoa

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Cruise Lines and airline meme stocks today are mooning today. Fuggg

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What's your target net worth when you will finally never wage-slave again. $2M is mine, at which point I'll liquidate, throw into an index fund, and be comfy forever.

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Degenerate gambler

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Bought 1k. Better not by meme'ing me senpai.

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What scams do you run from home to keep the neet lifestyle flowing?
I know not all of you are on disability. What's your scam?

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What's the best way to transfer funds from the US to Ukraine?

Something simple/safe with a low fee. Preferably converting to euros but dollars is fine.

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>being in crypto
>not knowing what XMR wallet looks like
>thinking u’ll make it

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Okay, /biz/. I'm 18 years old and about to go into college in about a week. I rarely browse this board and I know little to nothing about finance or the stock market. However, I am interested in learning about all these concepts. The biggest question I have for all of you is how can I make a lot of money while attending university?

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/fgt/ stands for faggot.

Can we start doing this? Posting freelance ideas, share our experiences doing gigs, hustles, whatever you want to call it. The main idea is that we are our own bosses setting our own hours and pay rates. What do you do? What do you plan to do? What have you done? Post freelance stuff!

Me, I do people's computer science homework for money lmao, and some digital art commissions

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Tfw when sitting on 12M+ COLX

100+ sats incoming, my an00s is peppered.

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Can anyone recommend any particularly good books/documentaries to learn more about the workings of the global economy, money, IMF, and all that shit?

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But you need money to have lolis.

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Is /biz/ experiencing a golden age while other boards are declining in quality?

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I have around $1,700 that I can do whatever with. I would like to invest or do something similar but I know near nothing about le cryptocurrencies. Should I get bitcoin? Should I do anything with it at this point? Pls help.

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Step away from your shitcoins a little and let's do something different.
Which parts of the world do you see getting ahead in the next 2 decades and in your opinion would be worth investing into?
Here is my take on it.

Good places to expect economic growth from:
-East Asia is on top of my list. The region is an economic powerhouse and even if Kim ends up nuking the area it will only stipulate further economic growth. Also, the world needs China more than China needs the world. Bubbles will burst, but the economy will come back stronger. The educated asian workforce will only become more and more prominent, as european population dwindles and hedges its bet on stupid nogs.
-Russia along with China form a major economic block and Russia can only win if her neighbors do well. Russia has the tech, resources and culture to get things done. Also, things can hardly get any worse for her.
-USA is on an upward swing and has a few good years in it. I think investing mid-term in USA has great potential, but long-term could be a disaster. It all comes down how long Trump will hold up and what the next president will be like.
-Eastern Europe is on a roll and will be for a years to come, but the region is too divided to really become a strong force. Further development will depend on access to Russian and Chinese resources, in which case I would rather invest into the latter. More of an unknown, really.


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