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>actually falling for pajeet rugpull coin #43624323742

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>scroll through the catalog, viewing and shitposting in some threads
>quickly check the value of my crypto on Binance
>goes back to /biz/ and refreshes the catalog
>repeat ad infinitum

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The real question is; are you actually black or a nigger?
>inb4 seething reddit cucks

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>focusing on meme shit like creating a goddamn song
fucking lmao, just sold my stack I'm out
even if I could probably make money on this garbage, it still isn't worth it
>inb4 n-n-nice FUD!!!
cope, you know I'm right

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>Basing your economic decisions on the I/O from anonymous posters on a taiwanese knitting forum

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I sold at 10.92 on Saturday and felt very smart when it dipped a little bit on Sunday.

Sergey, I was just trying to accumulate. I was going to buy back in.

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guys i have read that countries like china and russia buy gold to keep their currency cheap, so they make more on exports. What would happen when they decide to release this gold to the market?
also now that we are at it redpill me on why a gold based currency is better than what we have today with the dollar and euro.

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>poos in the loo

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How do I buy naked puts?

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>this board is populated by normal people


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can someone explain to me how chainlink works thanks :)

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Just went all in on Kybernetwork. How fucked am I?

I think the story on the Enjin wallet is still sound and buying the dip seemed like a good idea?

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I deleted all of my social media. Will it hinder my opportunity to get employed?

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What will cause the next great depression?

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>So where next for Bitcoin? And the major technical support levels suggest a pause at $4,482, followed by $2,779 and finally down to the $1,000 region. And once through this final level we then move back to three figures and ultimately to two or even single digit values.

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Is satoshi a trillionaire now?
Considering all the btc forks that came out, if you add 21 million coins' worth of all of them will that make Satoshi a trillionaire?

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Almost Everything listed on here is mooning. You know what that means? Many people/whales have found something with yuge potential burgeoning on a smaller exchange

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I have a guaranteed way of 100xing my money on bittrex in 30 days but I fear this may happen

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