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Ripple or DOGE?

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>negative rebase
>my AMPL is selling itself to the burn address for 0 dollars and 0 cents

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>tfw didn't listen to the McScamfee FUD back in May

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Yeah, the world is fucked up, but my world doesn't have to be, you know?
I just feel bad for people I grew up with who turned to the bottle and doing real fucked up drugs.
I mean sure whatever they're adults and are gonna crash and burn if they don't get it under control, but they don't listen to me. It feels like no ones listens because their ego is too inflated and then they're in the hospital bed dying.
Shit sucks man.
As for the whamens, good lord a good chunk of them have turned into degenerate whores. A majority of them are corrupted, abused, drink as much as a man and act like a man. It's gross to see them be pretty in high school and turned fat and ugly once they get to college because al they do is eat Plan B and drink Whiskey.
Literally what the fuck this shit ain't supposed to be habbening:DD

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What are the best exchanges and wallets for the meme coins being shilled on /biz/. LIT, XSN, ONE, FTM etc etc Please help me I'm a retard

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