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>He doesn't understand that the whole market is being frontrun to wreck late accumulation planners like himself.
Correct anon. That's the inevitable result of a known halving cycle. Once information is know to the market, all those that know of it will frontrun it. This cycle will take off like a raped ape, go hard no later than into Q2 of next year and then trickle down to an abysmal stagnation while all of the midwits like Ben keep accumulating waiting for a pump end of '24 or early '25. A pump that will never happen. Then cue the "lengthening cycle" cope or whatever else he sells to himself and his followers.

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I am currently in my first ever btc short of all time. Everyone please react accordingly.

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It's gonna rug in a day or two right? just like roku

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Looks like Elon Musk caught wind of PEPE and is now talking about it.

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It's propaganda. Jew sosnoff has been selling me the idea of selling covered calls and OTM strangles since I was in high school and jewtube was first bought by Google. It's all an elaborate larp. A good larp, but larp nonetheless. Mike is a shitty trader and his whiteboard has no good info that chatgpt can't tell me

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Wow! The AI can come to obvious conclusions if you trick the response filters. Next step is purposefully leaving in "filter hacks" to initiate more effective and perhaps even personalized psyops.

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Checked and based.

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You actually need a quadrillion to make it now.

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>entire team has submitted vacation requests for week between christmas and new years
>I have not
>kind of too late to do it
Should I just...technically stay on even though I'll have nothing to do? first christmas in the workforce btw

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living with gf
24k in crypto and falling fast
2750 in checking, 12k in savings
22.5k in retirement (I started in january of this year)

This was my first full year of working and I think Im doing fairly well. I am saving like crazy and hoarding cash so I can buy a small place during this coming dip.

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My parents are willing to cash out a small portion of the equity in their home to fund a down payment for a home of my own. What do you all think anons? Good idea? Any pitfalls/issues I should be aware of?

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I have one specific friend who is my personal sell signal. As soon as he brings up a business idea or investment, it is immediately time to get out. One of my best friends and love the guy to death but he's never failed me once in that regard.

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Im glad people are talking about saas here again

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I have fully automated the email communication aspect of my sales engineer job. how long until I'm replaced and how can I use this to my advantage?

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With love and Jesus anon.

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I only tip at places I go to regularly, e.g. my neighborhood bar, local coffee place, etc. Chains restaurants, places I'll only ever go once, etc - never. Why would I willingly give away more money if I dont ever intend to see their face again

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yeah something like that

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Why would I willingly tip someone I never intend to see again

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Let's go through this line by line
>Hair: 450
High but not insane. She can pay for that
>Nails: $350
That's obscene. Nails done once per month. Once again she can pay for that
>lashes/waxes: $350
My girlfriend gets her eyelashes done for $25 down the street from our house. What the fuck do you need $350 for
>Makeup skincare: $250
Actually reasonable. My gf and I split skincare stuff and it works well for MUCH less than that, maybe $250/year
>Clothes/shoes: $500
A MONTH? $500-$1000 a year sounds reasonable.
>Eating out: $500
MAYBE if you include drinking too. That one is actually fair, though I spend less.
>Gym membership: $200
My gym membership is $15/mo as is my girlfriend's. Aside from Equinox, what gym is charging $200/mo?
Car note/Gas: $500
This is fair actually, if not low. Especially if car and gas are included in one. This is a basic bill though and she should cover.
>Phone: $200
What modern phone plan for a single person, non-business, is really $200 per line per month? What the fuck? Unless you also financed your phone, which is retarded.
>Medical Insurance: $400
This should be covered or at least subsidized by your employer.
>Going out: $750
Nevermind I thought this was included in eating out. That's just fucking ridiculous.

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Not really but meetkevin got a DUI and after I did some digging I realized it was like 2 blocks from my house lol

graham stephan is the only good one in that group and even his "analysis" is very base-level, so his content is only valuable for current event analysis

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>zero pussy during college

>t. state school compsci grad

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Cant say who deserves "our" time but I can tell you who deserves my time and in what order:

>my startup
>my job (during work hours)
>my friends
>my girlfriend
>my interests
>literally anything else
>my job (the minute it hits 5pm)

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